[BIP-598] Claim Extra Safe Airdrop

Payload with PR


GIP-64 prompted GnosisDAO to distribute an additional portion of the SAFE supply, aimed at promoting decentralisation on the Gnosis Chain. In the context of a token swap agreement, Balancer DAO received GNO tokens from GnosisDAO, which were then locked in the LGNO locking contract. This deposit qualifies the Balancer DAO for these additional benefits, as it satisfies the requirement of having “GNO in locking contracts on Ethereum and Gnosis Chain.” The current proposal aims to claim 119,196.473 Safe tokens, receiving them in the Balancer DAO treasury.


The DAO Multisig on Ethereum Mainnet 0x10A19e7eE7d7F8a52822f6817de8ea18204F2e4f will interact with the SAFE contract at 0x20cF5bA8aBA68Cd7Ca3d0cAfAc54dA807c772418 and write the claim function for the total amount allocated, passing

"0xe3f30724dc7b68f4dc7bef54b812e18454d9b9b278887f4f09de5ee8dd2fbb97" , "0x403b039b300b5d3f14f5a95011807ad1f279c31b5c6668e9dad1cbd43d5d9271" , "0x25ddc11367cfc9aeab1086adcc396ffdaeb90e491021ab488fcacd43037cd4e6" , "0xc2628e8800f0dbbce626dcf83c09a30a5a97d79413dcb79ca32a75d3cc1e66b8" ,

for the merkleProof argument, and 119196472786989781864064 for the amountAllocated argument.