[BIP-132] Claim SAFE tokens allocated to the DAO Multisig


This proposal is for the Balancer DAO Multisig to claim SAFE tokens, put them in Balancer’s treasury, and delegate their voting power to Karpatkey.

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Claiming the SAFE tokens and putting them in Balancer’s treasury will allow the Balancer DAO to use the tokens for various purposes, such as incentivizing liquidity, rewarding contributors, or funding development. Delegating the voting power to Karpatkey will ensure that the tokens are managed in a responsible and transparent manner.


  • The Balancer DAO Multisig will claim the SAFE tokens.
  • The SAFE tokens will be transferred to the Balancer treasury, and their voting power will be delegated to Karpatkey.
  • Karpatkey will be responsible for managing the SAFE tokens in accordance with the guidelines and policies set by the Balancer community.
  • The Balancer community will have the ability to review and approve any decisions made by Karpatkey regarding the use of the SAFE tokens.

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