[BIP-454] Claim Second SAFE Airdrop

PR With Payload

Tenderly Simulation


The passing of Safe DAO’s SEP-5 resulted in new allocations for existing $SAFE holders. The Balancer DAO multisig is such a holder.


NOTE: in order to successfully claim this second airdrop, the vesting needs to be created before 2023-10-27T10:00:00 UTC (ref)!


Payload consists of three calls:

  • Airdrop2.redeem: this creates a vesting for the msg.sender
  • Airdrop2.claimVestedTokensViaModule: this claims the $SAFE tokens already vested. By passing a max(uint128) we claim all available tokens
  • Airdrop1.claimVestedTokensViaModule: idem, but claim pending tokens from the vesting created during the initial airdrop

This results in two transfers to the multisig totalling to roughly 2000 $SAFE.


ah, note that the current voting power delegation to karpatkey remains unaltered!

Thanks a lot, will for sure make it next week with execution around 24th of October guaranteed before the deadline.