[BIP-40] Enable FOLD/ETH 50/50 Gauge [Ethereum]

Gauge Proposal Template:

Whitelist the gauge for the pool 50% FOLD / 50% WETH

References/Useful links:

Link to:

Protocol Description:

Manifold Finance enables and provides access to high-value transaction pools on EVM compatible chains, through our infrastructure: SecureRPC . They aggregate multiple endpoints along with maintaining direct access to disparate mining pools/validator nodes (Flashbots, Eden, Miners).


Current onchain liquidity is sitting at only 300k while generating in the past few days over 4m$ in volume incentives & bribes to deepen liquidity at this stage of growth is key for Manifold.


  1. Governance:

Governance utilizes an architecture of elected dictator. By staking FOLD tokens, you delegate protocol control to one address (the dictator). The dictator offers a tribute (rewards) for your support. Accounts that are participating in the dictator regime may elect to vote for a new supreme dictator (operator/management for the protocol) by removing their support and reallocating it towards a new address.
Source : GitHub - manifoldfinance/majordomo: MasterChef/DictatorDAO Staking and Governance Protocol

A known attack vector involving sandwich staking is mitigated by manually disbursing tributes. This attack vector will be mitigated by a time-dependent withdrawal period in our V2 Vault upgrade.

Note that this attack vector has never been actually realized, as it was caught beforehand

Protocol Fees are immediately collected in a vault which then distributes it over time (the time withdrawal is to prevent MEV attacks against the protocol in which accounts enter/exit during certain periods of time).

A Multisig address is available. The multisig only holds tokens for the purposes of voting in governance proposals of other DAO’s. This will be migrated to a vault-based permissive action list structure in which the tokens are held in-vault, with certain permissions enabled for the operator address only.

  1. Oracles:

Not Applicable.

  1. Audits:


Additionally they maintain the DeFi Threat Matrix which is a globally-accessible knowledge base of adversary tactics and techniques based on real-world observations on decentralized finance

  1. Centralization vectors:

They utilize a concept of Permissive Action List to enable a two-step ownership process for any partner integrations.

Centralization risks include but are not limited to:

GitHub - we perform off site backups and coordination in the event of GitHub deleting the manifoldfinance org (see LMDBX event for an example).

Google Services: We utilize a domain name not administered by Google for internal services such as user registration, etc. This is not the manifoldfinance.com email address.

Governance Discussions occur on a centralized service, Discourse. see forums.manifoldfinance.com

There are also certain account addresses with a large amount of FOLD tokens. However we feel that due to the ‘unique’ governance regime that this is not in practice a risk factor as it would normally be under traditional DAO governance structures.

  1. Market History:

Pool has been activated in the past 14 days and saw over 225k volume since inception on approximately 84k$ BPT with a current APR of 256% & fees of 1200$ in the past 24h.

Link to the pool : Balancer

Gauge : 0xAf3c3dab54ca15068D09C67D128344916e177cA9

  1. Value:

Current pool on Sushiswap is where the majority of LP are with only 3% APY emissions we can’t guarantee or force people to move over but with theses BAL rewards and potential bribes it should be a no-brainer :slight_smile:


manifold finance is cool, thanks you Maki


Big fan of FOLD and what they have been building.

There has been plenty of demand for FOLD lately and no liquidity due to low emissions. It seems like volume as of late shows it would generate sizable fees for holders and would also provide larger emissions for FOLD LPs. Mutually beneficial… I’m on board.


The FOLD LP on SUSHI has been paying 400 - 1,000% the last few days on 1.5m of LP, so plenty of fees to be shared around if this proposal is accepted. I’m all for it and would almost certainly move my LP position across.


I’m in support of establishing a FOLD gauge, my only issue is that the fee controller address is an EOA. We really wouldn’t want the pool potentially crippled if it gets compromised. I would appreciate if it could be remade with either the Balancer governance address or a reputable multisig as the fee controller address. Other than that, I am in full support of a FOLD gauge.

Look how many trades it’s facilitating at only 80k tvl


Fair concern created a new one with fee controlled by Balancer DAO

New Pool : 0x99a14324cfd525a34bbc93ac7e348929909d57fd

New Gauge : 0xAf3c3dab54ca15068D09C67D128344916e177cA9


Thank you Maki for the amendment. The new pool is at Balancer

I think this is good to go to vote.

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