[BIP-169] Execute the Transition Migrator

PR with payload: Create BIP-169.json by solarcurvey · Pull Request #37 · BalancerMaxis/multisig-ops · GitHub


The TransitionMigrator migrates all permissions granted after the deployment of the TimelockAuthorizer (in block 16085047) until Jan 25th 2023 (block 16484500). Some of these permissions have delays (notably GaugeController.add_gauge , which was granted to GaugeAdderV3 ), so these are instead scheduled to be granted in the future.The deployment script verified that all roles that the migrator grants already existed (see here), and the migrator itself also checks this on-chain (see here).Finally, some temporary permissions are not re-granted, such as the root permission given to the GaugeAdderMigrationCoordinator (see here).

Once this is executed, the transition to the timelock authorizer is complete and the 14 day timelock to enable the Gauge Adder v3 begins.

Transition migrator address: 0x76578ecf9a141296Ec657847fb45B0585bCDa3a6 (confirmed here)


The governance multisig must call manageGranter on the TimelockAuthorizer at 0x9E3cD0606Db55ac68845bB60121847823712ae05, with arguments:

  • actionId: 0xffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
  • account: 0x76578ecf9a141296Ec657847fb45B0585bCDa3a6 (the migrator)
  • where: 0xFFfFfFffFFfffFFfFFfFFFFFffFFFffffFfFFFfF (stand in for ‘everywhere’)
  • allowed: true

This will make the migrator a granter over all permissions in all contracts, allowing it to re-grant the old permissions and complete the migration. Once it is done, the migrator will renounce this privilege

Note that this must happen after the TimelockAuthorizer migration is complete. Otherwise, the governance multisig will not yet be the root account of the new system, and will not be authorized to call manageGranter


The addresses and parameters seem correct.