Balancer Subgraph - Need help finding transactions per day data

I am trying to use the balancer subgraph to get the number of transactions per day on balancer. I’d like to use the balancer entity in the subgraph because that is structurally similar to how uniswapv2 and other subgraphs for AMMs behave, but balancer->txCount seems to always return 0. I have tried iterating over a large number of blocks, thinking that it could be because balancer is a single block’s worth of data, but I only get 0 values. I know that there is at least one tx on balancer per day, and was wondering how I might query this info properly. Additionally, is there any documentation on the balancer subgraph? The github page didn’t seem to cover all the entities in the subgraph.

Hi! It seem like the field Balancer.txCount never been implemented that the reason you see empty values. I’ve just did some update in the subgraph to implement txCount , it will take 2 to 3 days to get the subgraph fully sync and appear in the results. Another way to get this information would be to use the entity “Swap” and gather all the swaps within a single day using timestamp condition.