Balancer External Gobernance

Gobernance is one of the most important value in projects.

One of the most important proposal of AMM could be that shareholders can profit from trading comission and be less dependant of Market Makers. That will help the projects as is more probable that this shareholders can reinvest in the project. So is there a important invitation to the shareholders to put their investment in Pools. It is a tradeoff of Impermanent Loss, we can even finds ways to have some levarage in case you donĀ“t want to loss the returns.

But rigth now you have to decide between Gobernance and Stay in Pools. So it will be great to permit the pools to al least delegate the gobernance to some people. It will be really difficult that a project can have a significant part of the capital if they lose the gobernance of the project. And that kind of pools investor are long term.

That also can help to political things. As there can be pools that configure with some delegation and some other that have other delegations. And it can also help to delegation for project.

Crypto Plaza rigth now is working in creating group to work on gobernance of the most important project. We are one of the Top Ten voters in Compound. But we would like to put our capital in a Pool that will also permit to vote.

I understand this kind of capabilities can be an important tool for shareholders that are the most long terms people.

Even the pool can pay something to the delegators for the value they add to the project.