Proposal for fee distribution

Hi, It’s a few years that I’m loocking for a good way for passive income and I found it in vebal and aura.

This is an idea about protocol development: A part of the generated fees will be used to purchase the main currencies such as usdt, btc, eth etc. A part for the purchase of tokens for the main layers 1 and 2 to be staked. This will allow the defi to secure itself from external influences. One of the major problems of the crypto world is the lack of liquidity, a problem that is more accentuated in moments of bear market, and vulnerable to blackmail by institutional players who can alienate investors. This will lead to an increase in the importance of the role of the Amm, assuming an almost institutional role. Deploying stacking and partnering with aave or other protocols will bring more interest from those looking for a wide-ranging source of passive income, as well as increase the interest and stability of the protocol token. I believe that this system could be a model that makes school for others AMM as well as being an evolution of the CVX economic model. Small retailers cannot invest in pools participation, however they would have an incentive to buy vebal. Even young people who have just started working could be interested in a sustainable investment of this type even with little funds.

Maybe I am missing your point but right now a veBAL holder get paid out protocol fees in bbaUSD which is USDC, DAI, and USDT all staked into Aave’s lending market meaning it accrues based on their lending rate. These tokens can be staked for BAL on pools as well, which i agree is only economic at a certain gas/value threshold. Is this what you’re suggesting or something different? Please elaborate.

I’m suggesting to lower the fees paid to token holder and use them to expand the reserves of the protol acting as a pool staker, not only for stable coin but also for main coin as btc and eth.
More than this buy and stake on chain where the protocol works for secure the l1 and l2 chain. I think that crypto system is too vulnerable to external attacks and we can stabilize the system as well our token.
I’m really satisfied of protocol revenue. It has a really good payout. I found here a really good investment. But I fear that without an internal action, putting costant buy pressure big players will be always dominat for fear and greed in this environment.
I believe in defi and I see here an opportunity to financial freedom for a lot of people. I be

I believe that if there’s enough pressure by the inside there will be lowering run away of capitals in bear markets. This will keep the future of the environment in the hands of more people, than few rich hands