Balancer DAO <> Copper Revenue Share Agreement

This post should serve as a public record for a new revenue share agreement between the Balancer DAO and Copper. The terms in this agreement should stand for 1 year without amendment unless both parties agree to make changes publicly. To do so one member from each the Balancer DAO’s Baller group and the Copper core contributors group (two votes in total) should state that they approve to discontinue the terms outlined here.

The terms of this revenue share agreement are as shown in the below diagram. The Balancer DAO should receive 30% of any fees collected by Copper for usage of the Balancer LBP contracts. Both Copper and the Balancer DAO believe this is a fair and equitable deal and both parties look forward to a long term partnership.



:handshake: Copper x Balancer. Really looking forward to what the future holds, as we’re only scratching the surface of what’s possible right now.