BADGER/wBTC 80/20 Gauge

Gauge Proposal Template:


BadgerDAO Proposal to add a gauge for the BADGER/wBTC Pool

References/Useful links:

• Website: Main Website Vaults dApp
• Documentation: Gitbook
• Github Page: Github
• Twitter:
• Discord: Discord

Protocol Description:

BADGER Protocol

BadgerDAO is a well established DAO which seeks to build the infrastructure for Bitcoin in DeFi. We make it easy to bridge your Bitcoin into other blockchains and start earning yield right away. Badger Vaults currently have over $700m in TVL as well as launched ibBTC which is the number 5 Bitcoin synthetic in defi. BADGER is the governance token of BadgerDAO which allows for users to vote on protocol changes and initiatives of the DAO as well as be held to receive boosted emissions on your deposits within the Badger Vaults ecosystem. We have paired BADGER with wBTC which is the largest Bitcoin synthetic and has well established security.

Price History $BADGER

Price History for BADGER can be found on coingecko


The BADGER/wBTC 80/20 Pool needs incentivization to migrate meaningful amounts of liquidity over to the Balancer ecosystem. We’re interested in having a diverse set of exchanges which support the BADGER token liquidity and giving Badger supporters many opportunities to earn fees and yield on their tokens.


  1. Governance:

BadgerDAO has a hierarchy of different multisig accounts that handle operations within the DAO. These have specific use cases and are outlined in detail in the repo linked below:
Badger Multisigs

The highest risk operations are controlled by a timelock address which needs to be triggered and has a 2 day time delay to perform any actions.

  1. Oracles:

Badger does not rely on any external oracles

  1. Audits:

Audits have been performed by multiple top tier audit agencies. Web2 has been fully audited and reviewed by Halborn and we have an ongoing relationship with Quantstamp and code4rena. Badger Audits can be found on here: Security & Audits

  1. Centralization vectors:

Badger does utilize upgradeable contracts for many of the products we offer, though these are protected by a 2 day timelock for prevention of issues. Our API and frontend are hosted by centralized entities but we are releasing an IPFS hosted access point titled “Chadger” for people to utilize that is fully permissionless.

  1. Market History:

Badger has been actively trading since December 2020. There have been typical ebbs and flows in terms of valuation but no severe price issues. The Balancer pool has only recently been launched and has not received volume to give any insights. Comparable pairs have had >$1m daily average volume during this time across univ2/3+sushi which can bring consistent volume and fees to Balancer.

Pool: Balancer

Gauge: 0xaf50825b010ae4839ac444f6c12d44b96819739b


Happy to answer any questions about this pool or BADGER’s plan for Balancer. We’ve learned a lot in the Curve wars and are running some interesting experiments over in FTM land on OXD.

We’re very excited to work with our influence tech in the Balancer ecosystem. We see Balancer as a highly important battleground in the wider influence wars that are bound to be the next bing thing in the emerging DeFi landscape.

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Thanks for the post. From my perspective it appears the details are in good shape. Let’s see if we get any questions, comments, or LFGs :muscle:


I have only recently bought veBAL and this is exactly the kind of pool that I was hoping to see develop within the Balancer eco system. I am very supportive.

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Solid write-up and use-case. Thanks

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Great to see Badger here

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This looks good! Thanks for the proposal @mitche50

I’m a big fan of the Badger team and $WBTC (biased here). It’s amazing to have them on Balancer. <3


I propose to bringing this to a vote. Anyone against?


snapshot posted here: Snapshot

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