Trade simulation on Kovan


I want to try & play with my pool on some testnet. I’ve created the pool on Kovan and ran v2-frontend, but obviously, coingecko doesn’t know anything about Kovan’s tokens, so the prices are always zero.

I’ve mocked the coingecko API to have a constant change rate, but that’s not what would happen on the mainnet with real tokens.

So, what’s the best approach to simulate pool trading with price changes closer to be real? I’m thinking about taking data from some previous trades but giving that data to the frontend sounds very tedious…

I’m playing around with WeightedPool2Tokens from V2 - scripting it all to be created from a hardhat script.

Thanks in advance!

P.S.: Here’s how I hardcode prices on the frontend:

export async function getTokensPrice(...) { 
  prices['0x...'] = {
    usd: 1,
    usd_24h_change: -0.03
  prices['0x...'] = {
    usd: 2,
    usd_24h_change: 0.5
  prices['0x...'] = {
    usd: 3,
    usd_24h_change: -0.07