Q4 2022 Quarterly Report from Messari

A big one this quarter, as we recap Q4 and 2022.

As always, we cover in depth metrics and charts on the protocol/network performance relevant to LPs and Traders, as well as data and charts for veBAL specific matters. The qualitative analysis discusses veTokenomics and the issues the DAO has faced but a perspective on why it may all be worth it! As well as some 2023 outlook.

Any questions or feedback please don’t hesitate. Looking forward to 2023!



Thanks for the very insightful report. Lots of inspiration for future analytics :handshake:


Great work as always, brother–always a pleasure to read these. I found the “In Defense of veTokenomics” section particularly interesting.

In the future, if you need a perspective from Aura, like the Messari piece on the Balancer Wars, feel free to reach out to me anytime. I’m on Telegram @TheForeverWar.


Will be in touch, Franklin. Thank you


excellent report and a pleasure to read. Crypto twitter is abuzz with anti ve talk at the moment. Nice to read something so well put together!

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