Proposal which can improve BAL Token's liquidity

BAL can adding Futures trading pair in AMM Futures(Will launched soon). It is a futures trading product that uses AMM (Automatic Market Making System) as a liquidity supply. It solve many drawback of DEX and traditional Futures.

Adding BAL in AMM futures will bring following advantages:

  1. Token holder can become LP to earn profit via BAL trading pair ( BAL trading fee and Liquidation profit) .
  2. There are NO gas fee at all, LP and trader can provide liquidity freely.
  3. Improve BAL Token’s liquidity.
  4. Totally solve the problem that ordinary users has no way to buy BAL coins.
  5. CEX users can be LP & trader, no need the complex DEX trading process.
  6. Trader can make DeFi project Futures trading anytime, some of the token can’t make Futures trading in the market.