[Proposal] Fund the Integration of Boosted Pools in the 1inch Aggregation Protocol


This proposal calls for funding the integration of Balancer Boosted Pools into the 1inch Aggregation Protocol in accordance with the proposal put on the 1inch DAO forum.


Balancer Boosted Pools are a tremendous innovation in the AMM space. Many teams and protocols are eager to adapt the Boosted Pools and take advantage of their efficiency for their own unique use cases and needs. The bbaUSD pool currently sits at $350mm.

Boosted Pools have yet to be integrated by the aggregators and as such the liquidity in these pools is not being efficiently utilized by the market. This proposal aims to fund the integration of Boosted Pools in the 1inch aggregator.

Given that this is a new pool type and requires effort from 1inch Labs, BalancerDAO, through this proposal, would fund this integration via a payment of 20,000 BAL (or equivalent in stablecoins) to 1inch Labs.


As outlined in the proposal on the 1inch Forum:

  1. 1inch Labs shall integrate the Balancer Boosted Pools into the 1inch smart contracts, the 1inch dApp, and the 1inch API.
  2. The integration shall be live on the Ethereum main-net no later than 3 weeks after this proposal passes the Phase-4 snapshot vote.
  3. If both conditions 1 and 2 are met, Balancer DAO and Balancer DAO will transfer 20k BAL or the equivalent in stablecoins (as determined by Balancer DAO) to 1inch Labs.

The integration of Boosted Pools requires support for linear pools math, order routing and support for BatchSwaps. 1inch’s support for BatchSwaps would generally benefit the Balancer protocol by decreasing the cost of multihop swaps even outside of Boosted Pools.

This grant is contingent on the same proposal passing through the 1inch DAO.

Upon satisfactory integration, 20,000 BAL shall be sent to 1inch Labs ETH address: 0x2DF104682A61241C79eBB3ce3b2C293578bF6A9D

As outlined on the adjacent proposal, satisfactory integration is defined as the 1inch Aggregation Protocol accurately forwarding trades through the bbaUSD and the bbfUSD pools, on Ethereum main-net, when those pools offer the optimal pricing for the end-user.


The vast majority of trade volume on the Balancer protocol is driven by DEX aggregators. Among the aggregators, 1inch drives a very significant portion of the volume. As such, adoption and integration of Boosted Pools by aggregators is imperative for the success of the Boosted Pools.

I encourage the DAO to ratify this grant and fund the integration of Boosted Pools in the 1inch aggregator.


I think this makes a lot of sense - ultimately not a huge cost to us but over the long term the benefit stands to be quite large as boosted pools represent a key part of our future growth.

Since I got the sense they prefer stables and if they get BAL it’s a good chance they sell, I’d like to offer up sending them 300,000 bbaUSD instead of 20,000 BAL.


Thank you @mosayeri. Great to see this initiative and agreed that this would be very important for the success of the boosted pools. Also agree with @solarcurve about the costs here – the opportunity cost of not having the integration is much higher. Let’s do it.


No brainer, also in favour of sending 300,000 bbaUSD


integrations between aggregators and boosted pools is a must as far as i’m concerned, so let’s do it


Thank you @mosayeri for your hard work and for presenting this proposal. This to me is a no brainer deal so I’m in favour!



Absolutely in favor!


Thanks for the feedback and support everyone.
I think bbaUSD makes sense given it’s the BPT of the Boosted Pool that will be integrated.

If no objections, we could send this to Snapshot on Thursday.



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