[Proposal] Deploy Balancer on L2 Optimism


I’m proposing to deploy Balancer onto Optimism to bring one of DeFi’s most advanced AMM protocols to the future of Ethereum allowing users who want automated portfolio management to have one while avoiding Ethereum’s high fees.


Optimism is a Layer 2 Optimistic Rollup network designed to utilize the strong security guarantees of Ethereum while reducing its cost and latency. Optimism is EVM equivalent, making the transition from L1 to L2 as seamless as possible. This means one-click deployments and full compatibility with most of the tooling Ethereum developers are accustomed to. It also means that with very few exceptions, existing Solidity smart contracts can run on Optimism exactly how they run on Ethereum. You can read more about EVM Equilvance here:

Optimism is a public goods funding mechanism, and any deployments on Optimism support the funding of open-source public goods. This creates a positive economic feedback loop that funds critical infrastructure and innovation for developers and users alike. Read more about our retroactive public goods funding:


Optimism has support for Gnosis, TheGraph and Chainlink.
TVL: $386m

39k ETH in fee savings over the last 30 days

179k unique addresses since regenesis

47.2k active addresses in the last 30 days


Twitter 103k → optimismPBC

Discord 16k

Medium 4.8k


This would be huge for Optimism and Ethereum Layer 2’s in general, great proposal!


I am fully supporting this proposal , would love to be able using Balancer to trade assets on OE.

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I support this prop. For a bright balanced future ! :person_in_lotus_position:

Support this proposal! Great chance for both parties!

Just a quick note - Optimism recently got a 30% gas reduction. It has the cheapest Optimistic Rollup tx fees, generally 40+% cheaper than Arbitrum.

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Fully support. Is a no Brainer. It’s evm compatible so should be minimal work for the team.

Fully support. We can’t miss the opportunity of Optimism

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Its a no brainer! Optimistic rollup is here to stay and built upon

Optimistic about Optimism and Balancer :slight_smile: