Proposal: Add Rebased (REB) to Balancer Whitelist

We would like to propose adding Rebased (REB) to the token whitelist.

What is Rebased?

Rebased is an elastic supply protocol that launched on Uniswap and has recently started a yield farming program on Balancer, with the goal of making Balancer its main liquidity hub.

Conformity to whitelist rules

Rebased conforms to the technical rules outlined in the latest whitelist proposal.

  1. Token returns boolean success on transfer (standard OpenZeppelin code)
  2. Token does not charge fees on transfer
  3. Token contract is verified on Etherscan
  4. Coingecko USD price feed available (see followup post / can only include 2 links per post :cry:)

Token distribution:

1.65m out of a total 2.5m were distributed in a crowd sale. Right now 37% of the supply are pooled on Uniswap and Balancer (liquidity on Uniswap is locked), 17% are in development and ecosystem funds, and the remainder is distributed over ~560 early holders.

Balancer pools

The main incentivised pool is REB80/WETH20 ( (link in followup post / can only include 2 links per post :cry:)


Notes: REB supply is adjusted dynamically based on the REB/USD price. The minimum time period in between adjustments (“rebase”) is 12 hours. Gulp is called on the Balancer pool with every rebase to update internal accounting of the pool. As this update only happens twice per day and is known well in advance this will not allow gaming the pool like in the deflationary token case.

Further links:

This governance forum is for discussion on proposal-candidates and related issues, whereas token whitelisting is currently maintained only on the discord channel.

Kindly visit the Balancer discord and use the #token-requests channel for future Balancer whitelist additions.