Move over Grant Program budget of Wave 2 to Wave 3

This draft has been created by the committee of the Balancer Grants DAO. See its previous proposal for funding Wave 2 here.

This proposal aims to keep the grant treasury of Wave 1 & 2 as it is and use these funds to continue with Wave 3. Wave 1 was a success which led Wave 2 to have a bigger committee and budget. The budget is sufficient to continue for another Wave, therefore there is no new funding needed. The committee requests the community to let it keep the funds and continue.

The upcoming Wave 3 program will further accelerate the development of the Balancer ecosystem by improving coordination around Grants and RFPs. A Final Report of Wave 2 with all relevant insights has been published and can be read here.

As discussed in the Final Report Wave 2, the grant allocations have gone down in the last wave, however, Grantees of Wave 1 have been able to finish up and 8 new grantees have been onboarded. With the learnings of this last quarter we are aiming to be more pro-active in sourcing grantees and are in talks with a possible Marketing/Biz dev person to amplify our message. Wave 2 had a budget for these activities, so we can use it in Wave 3 to pick up steam again and build out the Balancer Ecosystem further. 2021 Balancer created a vibrant and diverse ecosystem, 2022 we will put focus on getting a vibrant and diverse community. For more on this, please read the Wave 2 Final Report.

With the Ops subDAO taking the lead in distributing contributor rewards, Wave 3 committee members can be funded through this subDAO, while keeping the treasury for new grantees.
Moving forward, future grant waves will probably be funded by the Grants Committee proposing a budget towards the Ops subDAO. Since this subDAO is in its infancy, and we have live grants, having the risk of having hiccups in funding is not worth taking in our opinion.
Having the committee getting their Wave 3 contribution rewards through the Ops subDAO however is less risky, since we are all community members and willing to partake in this DAO endeavor.

Current Committee Members

Main contact person: @Zeb
RFP Lead: jguk
Venture Lead: @LuukDAO
Committee Members: @DavisRamsey, @tongnk, @ZeKraken and Kei.

Wave 3 Committee Members
As described in the Final Report, 3 of our members will move away to other positions.

Main contact person: @Zeb
Committee Members: jguk, @ZeKraken and Kei
Open Role
Marketing/Bizdev Member : Individual that supports with amplifying the messages of the Grants DAO to Media and Partners.

In both Wave 1 and Wave 2 proposals the grant committee has always pledged that unspent funds would be returned if the community wanted this. Since the waves have been met with positive reactions, Wave 1 treasury funds have been kept and been used to continue funding Wave 1 grantees. The Wave 2 treasury is large enough to continue funding Wave 2 grantees and potential Wave 3 grantees as well. Therefore we suggest keeping the allocated funds instead of requesting a new Wave 3 budget.

  • Keep Wave 2 funds for Wave 3
  • Send back funds and let the Grants Program request a budget at the Ops subDAO

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If you need me for the bizdev role you know I’m here.
At your disposal as always


Love your spirit!
Of course totally welcome to. But I think I can speak for the community when I say, you are doing plenty already man! Don’t overwork yourself in 10 subDAOs :sweat_smile:


I am stepping away from Grants but I have full confidence in Zeb and the rest of the remaining team. I support them continuing to operate relatively independently with the funds already allocated to them in the last wave. This lets the rest of the DAO iterate on processes a bit and get comfortable with the new procedures, while Grants continues at full speed ahead.


​Thanks for the diligent write-up and the great stewardship for the past 2 waves, Zeb. I will be transitioning to Partnerships starting next cycle, but I’m 100% confident you and the current Grant team will continue to support Balancer developments across the board. Excited to​ continue our collaboration on a Sub-DAO level!


Great context Zeb, Grants looks set to continue to thrive.

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