Karma reputation aggregation system for governance participants

Use Karma’s reputation system for Balancer governance contributors


To build a healthy and dynamic governance ecosystem, a DAO needs active contributors. It is in the best interest of the DAO to recognize the most active contributors, help token holders delegate to candidates that align with their beliefs, elect right delegates to various councils, potentially reward them and give them a way to showcase their contributions. At Karma, we have built a reputation system for DAO contributors participating in governance. We would like the Balancer community to adopt it for their needs. We have some major DAOs like ENS, Gitcoin, Optimism, Aragon and others using our platform for different purposes today.

Having a reputation system will encourage members to lead various initiatives and contribute. By having visibility into the contributions, DAO can encourage the right kind of behavior from their community


When Balancer is onboarded to Karma, we integrate with Balancer’s Snapshot, Discourse Forum, Discord and any thing . Once they are integrated:

  1. We can help set up a website which Balancer can host on their subdomain to display contributor stats (ex: https://optimism.showkarma.xyz/). Some of the features are:

  2. Display detailed voting stats

  3. Display voting history from Snapshot/on-chain

  4. Display delegate commitment message

  5. Display delegate voting reason for each proposal

  6. Delegate tokens right from the dashboard through Snapshot integration

  7. Display forum activity
    1. Who created proposals on the forum
    2. Who was part of proposal discussions on the forum
    3. Which proposals went to snapshot vote
    4. Likes received on posts etc.

  8. Install discourse forum plugin that has the following features

  9. Display governance stats of forum users (ex: see governance stats here “https://discuss.ens.domains/u/nick.eth/summary”

  10. A custom form in the forum that delegates can use to post commitment message which gets posted in the forum and also displayed in the dashboard (bullet 1 above)

  11. A custom form in the forum that delegates can use to post reasons for how they voted on each proposal which gets posted to form and also displayed in dashboard

Implementation details

To get Karma implemented for Balancer:

  1. We would like to understand from the core team what metrics the community cares about so we can track them. Example: Creating proposals on the forum can be weighted differently to voting on proposals on snapshot. We can weigh any proposals that start on the forum and end up on snapshot differently
  2. We can help the forum admins install the plugin so any user who chooses to display their governance stats can do so.
  3. We can set up a dedicated website for Balancer without any effort from the core team.

We can get everything up and running in two weeks. Please let us know if Balancer is interested in Karma’s reputation system.