Integrations Team (Three Rocks) November 2023 Update

This update covers the period from November 8 to December 7, 2023.

General Updates

After much consideration, we have decided that this is the end of the road for Three Rocks; we will not seek additional funding beyond the end of December 2023. At that time, the role of Integrations will transition back to Balancer Labs. @Mkflow27 will move to BLabs to provide continuity for Integrations, but the rest of Three Rocks’ personnel will be moving on. Thank you all for this opportunity to continue serving the Balancer Ecosystem after the dissolution of Orb Collective.

Completed/Ongoing Work

  • Code review
    • 4 completed rate provider reviews:
    • 1 ongoing rate provider reviews:
      • hordETH - initially ruled unsafe, source code for new upgrade ruled safe, pending final deployment.
  • BPT as Collateral: generalized BPT oracle in internal review.
  • V3 Docs: @Mkflow27 to lead this effort. Established timeline & content overview.
  • Collaborated with Balancer Maxis on integration perspectives w.r.t. USDV (LayerZero).
  • Support:
    • Investigated developer feedback w.r.t. pool math in extreme token balances scenario.
    • Advised on pool spot price calculations & approximations.
    • Technical assistance for Sweep protocol w.r.t. oracle pool functionality & spot price calculations.

Thank you @rabmarut @gerg and @bailey for your countless contributions to the Balancer ecosystem, Rab and Gerg for such a long time.

I wish you all the best, a lot of success in your next challenges and hope our paths cross again!