HAUS/WETH 80/20 Gauge


DAOhaus proposes to add a veBAL guage for the [HAUS/WETH 80/20 pool]

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Protocol Description

[$HAUS] is the governance token for DAOhaus.

DAOhaus is a home for purpose-driven community DAOs. The DAOhaus platform is a human-friendly interface for communities to collectively deploy and manage [Moloch DAOs] https:// Over 2,000 DAOs have been summoned on the DAOhaus platform to date, with over 10,000 individual DAO members and millions of dollars worth of crypto assets secured in DAO treasuries.

Governance: UberHaus and Warcamp

DAOhaus is governed by [UberHaus], a DAO whose members are themselves DAOs that use the DAOhaus platform. UberHaus’ powers include governing the non-circulating $HAUS supply.

Uberhaus delegates (appointed by each DAO according to their own processes) meet weekly to discuss Uberhaus business. Proposals are made with a 4 day voting period and a 14 day “grace period” during which member DAOs can exercise their right to “ragequit”, i.e., exit the DAO with their full share of the treasury. This credible threat of exit creates a robust balance of power within the DAO and incentivizes seeking consensus whenever possible.

UberHaus funds one of its member DAOs – Warcamp – to build, maintain, and promote the DAOhaus platform. All core contributors to DAOhaus are members of, and receive compensation from, the Warcamp DAO. Warcamp members are admins of the DAOhaus Github repos.

Relevant links:
  • The [UberHaus DAO] (on Gnosis Chain), which includes the main treasury and non-circulating $HAUS supply
  • The [Warcamp DAO] (on Gnosis Chain)
  • The [UberHaus delegate multisig] (on Ethereum; 6 of 11), via which a set of delegates from UberHaus and Warcamp manage UberHaus’ assets on Ethereum. Those assets include a portion of the HAUS/WETH Balancer pool liquidity.

$HAUS Price History

The majority of the $HAUS price history is viewable [on Coingecko]

March 29, 2021, was the first time there was publicly available $HAUS liquidity. The initial price at that point was $8.88. There was an immediate runup just prior to Coingecko beginning to track the price.


The [HAUS/WETH 80/20 pool] needs incentivization to help maintain and deepen its liquidity, which would have a number of important benefits, including the following.

  • Enabling easier access to $HAUS for DAOs and individuals wishing to participate in DAOhaus governance activities
  • Facilitating DAOhaus ecosystem grants denominated in $HAUS (by increasing the relative stability of the $HAUS price)
  • Facilitating upcoming utilization of $HAUS as a coordination mechanism (beyond voting) within the DAOhaus ecosystem (also related to price stability)
  • Supporting the utility and value of DAOhaus contributor compensation denominated in $HAUS



See Governance section under Protocol Description above.


The DAOhaus platform does not rely on any external oracles.


The most used smart contracts in the DAOhaus platform are instances of the [MolochV2.1 contract framework] V2.1 makes only a small adjustment to the [V2 contract], which was audited by Consenys Diligence.

None of the contracts used within the DAOhaus platform are upgradable.

DAOhaus also makes use of Minion contracts, which allow a DAO to interact with external contracts and control external vaults. The predominant version is the [Safe Minion contract], which acts as middleware between the DAO contract and a Gnosis Safe, where all the funds are stored and external contract interactions are executed.

There have been no hacks of DAOhaus smart contracts to date.

  • [MolochV2 audit report] by Consensys Diligence

Centralization vectors:

DAOhaus takes decentralization seriously and has made several organizational design choices to avoid concentrating power. As a result, the current state of DAOhaus is reasonably decentralized:

  • None of the DAOhaus contracts are upgradable.
  • Governance power over key on-chain assets is distributed across multiple entities, each of which is a DAO of its own. For example, DAOhaus core contributors (Warcamp) is a 30-person DAO with distributed governance powers.
  • Non-circulating $HAUS is controlled by UberHaus, the DAO of DAOs. No DAO in UberHaus controls more than 10.5% of voting shares, and there is no path by which a DAO could gain additional voting shares without permission from a majority of peer DAOs.

The largest centralization vector is our front end hosting, over which a handful of developers have admin control. However, while an attack on the front end could manipulate what users see, the on-chain contracts (readable and writable via block explorers) remain the source of truth for all key user assets.

Our goal is to migrate our entire stack to decentralized infrastructure.

Market History:

The pool has been active since March 8, 2022.

  • Current TVL: $2.1M
  • Historical volume: $248k
  • [Balancer Pool]
  • [Balancer Pool Dune Analytics]
  • [Pool Gauge]

Special thanks to Spencer Graham for his work on writing this proposal.


Great example of a gauge proposal! Love it.


Lovely proposal, glad to see it.


Great to see the first proposal for whitelisting!
Congratulations and thank you!


Thank you @solarcurve @Andrea81 @zekraken ! We really appreciate the support and are excited to be the first gauge proposal.

One thing I thought I’d mention: the Balancer analytics page shows 3 LPs for the HAUS/WETH pool. This is technically true, in terms of addresses. However, one of those addresses is the minion contract for a DAOhaus-organized LP DAO, which is a 48-member group organized for the purpose of coordinating liquidity for DAOhaus. DAOs all the way down for us.


+100 on this proposal

Both DAOhaus and Balancer are leading the way in innovative community launch/funding infrastructure and fantastic to see overlap here! :unicorn:

:fire:_ :fire: supports!


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Thanks @ceresbzns! Really well written and a great example for others to use as a reference :clap::clap::clap:


Thanks @ceresbzns - great outline and clearly a lot of synergy between HAUS & BAL. Happy to support!

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I believe this proposal can go to a vote. Anyone against?

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Proposal has been posted on snapshot: Snapshot