Gauntlet Stable Pool Amplification Factor Updates

Hey everyone,

We’re happy to have pushed our first set of amplification parameter updates. We’ve provided some context for how we think about this process here:

We’d be excited to hear any thoughts the community has!


raising A and lowering fees clearly needed and glad you all are taking the lead on doing it. My personal view regarding these two pools, particularly the USD one, is that the primary utility is acting as a very cheap hop or link with the other pools on v2. The trades it enables involving multiple pools are the real value driver for the protocol, not stable<>stable trades within this pool. In the future when we move towards nested BPT pools like the proposed LUSD<>staBAL3, having a high A factor and very low swap fee on staBAL3 will help LP’s in LUSD/staBAL3 pool generate higher fee revenue because of the swaps that are now possible.

All that is to say, my opinion is the swap fee needs to be taken to 0.01% and perhaps even lower if we have that capability. In the future, almost no one should be an LP in just staBAL3 but rather they would LP in these meta pools that include staBAL3. We can enhance the utility and earning potential of meta pools by taking the swap fee on staBAL3 to near 0 and ramping A as high as reasonably possible.


Gauntlet Amplification Factor and Fee Updates:

We are excited to provide our first amplification factor recommendations to Balancer alongside our existing fee recommendations. We focused on maximizing income and providing good trader utility through maximizing volume while maintaining an approximately even balance between assets in each pool. We’ll be monitoring the results short term and will be taking into account solarcurve’s point around exploring lower fees.

  1. Increased amplification factor for DAI/USDC/USDT pool
  2. Decreased swap fee for DAI/USDC/USDT pool
  3. Increased amplification factor for WBTC/renBTC/sBTC pool
  4. Decreased swap fee for WBTC/renBTC/sBTC pool

Transactions can be found here:

There’s definitely been improvement, particularly in the USD stable pool. The BTC one is still at near 0 volume/fees. So I think we keep pushing. It’s hard for me to check the A factor since UI doesn’t display it but whether it makes sense to ramp A more and/or push swap fees even lower, I’ll leave to you to determine.

USD stablepool now has an amplification factor of 620, BTC stablepool 220.

curve 3pool A is 2k, but their BTC is 100. so actually I guess we’re not in a bad spot relative to them. BTC stable pools just in general do almost 0 volume

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