Fund ChainPatrol to Protect the Balancer Community from Online Threats

Service Provider Name:

Leader(s): Nikita Varabei, Vito Giovannetti, Umar Ahmed

Pledge to abide by the DAO’s Code of Conduct (or link to your own): Yes

Pledge to abide by the Accountability Guidelines: Yes

Domains of Operation: Security, Brand Protection

Key Objectives & Success Metrics:

Objective: ChainPatrol will protect the Balancer community from phishing attacks across domains and social accounts. Our Wallet Security Network enables ChainPatrol to block wallet-draining domains across over 20 crypto wallets including Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, and Phantom. We also handle the detection of impersonating social accounts. ChainPatrol manages the tracking and takedown of active threats across platforms including X, Telegram, Discord, and others.


  • Number of blocked domains across ChainPatrol’s Wallet Security Network
  • Number of detected phishing accounts impersonating Balancer across Twitter, Discord, Telegram and other socials
  • Number of taken down phishing accounts impersonating Balancer across Twitter, Discord, Telegram and other socials

Length of Engagement & Budget:

  • 1 Year starting from approval of this proposal
  • $5,000 USD per year.

ETH Address to Receive Funds: If this proposal is accepted by the Balancer Community, ChainPatrol will communicate a Multisig wallet to where the requested funds should be transferred.

Link to SLA (if going through the Foundation:

Summary of ChainPatrol’s Protection for Balancer

  • ChainPatrol protects leading Web3 organizations against the intense pace and volume of Online Threats; Phishing, Impersonation, and Fake Advertisements
  • ChainPatrol’s auto-detection system reports online threats targetting your Company’s Brand and Community across Domains, Social Platforms, and Marketplaces.
  • Arbitrum, The Graph, Zetachain, CoW Swap, Linea, and Curve Finance all chose to work with ChainPatrol because we are the fastest way to prevent the loss of community funds.
  • ChainPatrol blocks malicious domains within 15 Minutes across 20 Leading Crypto Wallets, including Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, and Phantom

:tv: Video Demo

Here you can see how ChainPatrol blocks malicious sites across Wallets, showing users a warning before interacting with the phishing attack.

:heart: Service Offering

:dart: With ChainPatrol’s Security Support, the community is safer, and the costs for bad actors increase over time.

  • Automated monitoring for new threats across domains and socials impersonating your brand
  • Fast blocking of malicious domains across our network of over 20 integrated wallets.
  • Takedowns across domains, socials, and fake ads.
  • Social takedowns include Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Facebook, Reddit, Youtube, LinkedIn, and other platforms.
  • Bots for easy reporting from your team and community across Discord and Telegram

ChainPatrol dashboard automates protection from Threats covering millions of users

  • ChainPatrol has supported Leading Web3 Brands, increasing detection, response time and takedowns.

:handshake: Customer Case Studies

ChainPatrol blocked 1200 malicious domains 2 weeks for Arbitrum

You can see a detailed Case Study in Web3 Brand Protection with Arbitrum, CoW Swap, and Zetachain below.

Blog - Case Studies in Web3 Brand Protection


The Proposed price for Balancer is 5000$/year.

  • Includes Wallet Protection, Domain Takedowns, Social Takedowns
    • ChainPatrol designs a Personalized Reporting Approach for Balancer
    • Dedicated On-Call Support for Emergency Response
    • Manage Tracking of Online Threats
    • Domain Takedowns with Hosting Providers
    • Social Takedowns (X, Discord, Telegram, Facebook, Youtube, Reddit, and more.)
    • A Dedicated ChainPatrol Reporting Staff Member

Protection Example

Wallet Blocking Example

The domain curve-rewards (dot) claims is an active site currently attacking Balancer users. Our system has recently detected the site and is beggining the full takedown process.

Our Wallet Security Network has instantly blocked the domain across over 20 wallets including Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, and Phantom.

Before Wallet Blocking

After Wallet Blocking:

The site is blocked across over 20 integrated wallets.

:shield:Protection during DNS Attack and Account Takeover

Our Real-Time Security Network can have compromised sites and phishing links blocked within minutes.

This is especially useful in cases when:

  • your legitimate domain is compromised through a DNS attack
  • Your team’s social accounts is hacked and is spreading phishing links

ChainPatrol already helped protect the Balancer community when the Balancer website was compromised.

:x: Blocking Online Threats across Socials

Twitter, Discord, Telegram, YouTube, Reddit, TikTok,

Our system tracks down malicious telegram groups and has them taken down. While the group is still active and awaiting takedown, we automatically pull in all the phishing links the group shares and have links blocked by our wallet network.

Here is a Sample Video Demo of how we block telegram threats with one of our customers.

This an interesting proposal, but I’m not really understanding what you do, how you do it and what you have done?

1: How do you block things? Do you do anything more than adding them to the metamask phishing list? Can you provide a list of blacklists that you update when you discover a phishing site?

2: How do you detect problem sites proactively?

3: You mention that you protected Balancer, but in this event an infosec expert from Metamask who was a member of our war room after we contacted the seal_911 telegram group to the metamask phishing list very quickly and in coordination with us. What was your involvement here?

Can you please start by answering these 3 questions before more time is spent considering this proposal?

Thank you.

I have worked before with Nikita / ChainPatrol and I think their contributions to the web3 / defi / crypto community in general are valuable, as volume wise they are among the top contributors in eth-phishing detect.

It would be nice to see what their Discord bot can do and maybe stack it up against Balancer’s current discord protection solution(s) in place in terms of bots, or even better - combine the powers of the existing bots and the one ChainPatrol has to offer.

Same goes for the fraudulent website site detection and social media impersonator alerts - the more eyes there are aimed with intention of protecting the brand, the better.

Sometimes valuable intel could come from unexpected sources, so the more defenses that get stacked up, the merrier.

Something like drinking your Resveratrol, Vitamin C, Omega 3 fish oil - they all help on their own, but when combined - they do best.

Collaborate to win!


We are already in excellent hands with hypernative. Not sure what value your product can add tbh