Fund Balancer DAO for Q1 2022

This is a proposal authored by the Ops SubDAO - specifically Solarcurve, Mog, and mkflow.

A community call is scheduled for January 26th at 12pm EST in Balancer’s discord to discuss this proposal and answer any questions


After the successful passing of the recent proposal to formalize the organization structure of Balancer DAO, each subDAO has hit the ground running in their respective areas. Beyond that, working groups like “Community Dev” also continue to be hard at work in service of the broader DAO.

This proposal is intended to outline the expected budget for Balancer DAO for the first quarter 2022. Please see a breakdown of compensation for February here. Ops will take a very active role in ensuring compensation accurately reflects contribution efforts for all DAO participants so it is possible for changes to occur at any time. For the purposes of this proposal, we will estimate March compensation to be the same as February. For January, Grants subDAO is covered on their compensation from their previous funding proposal. The January total reflects compensation funding needs excluding Grants.

5,900 BAL for January + 6,800 BAL for February * 2 = 19,500 BAL total expected compensation.

Note that we will be running a DAO-wide Coordinape circle during February and March with an allocation of 2,000 BAL per month. This cost has graciously been offered as a gift from Fernando to the DAO, which we are very grateful for.

Excluding compensation, please see a breakdown of the expected budget for Balancer DAO for he first quarter here. Ops will ensure an accurate record is kept of any disbursements - this will be presented as part of the next budget proposal so that token holders can make a more informed decision about the effectiveness of the DAO’s expenditures. A certain amount of good faith is required for now since there is not much of a record to judge currently.

2,605 BAL for Q1 DAO Budget (excluding compensation)


Ops will always custody compensation funds to ensure that we can fulfill our mandate and to alleviate the administrative burden from the rest of the DAO. Ops also has the option to custody general budget funds as well. Given that the budget requests are relatively small, the expense of creating new multisigs for each subDao and paying gas costs is not economical. Thus, Ops will custody both compensation and general budget funds for the first quarter.

If this proposal is approved, a transaction will be initiated from the DAO Multisig (0x10A19e7eE7d7F8a52822f6817de8ea18204F2e4f) to send 22,105 BAL to the Ops Multisig (0x166f54F44F271407f24AA1BE415a730035637325)

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Note that I just made some material changes to this proposal to clear up some confusion and set us on a clearer path for the future. Grants subDAO will be compensated during February and March under the same framework as the rest of the DAO. Because Zeb has shown exemplary leadership, we are keeping him at 500 BAL liquid per month for now. John & Arseny bring much needed technical expertise to the grants team, so they will also remain at 200 BAL liquid per month. Zekraken will adopt a full “Ballery” to reflect his overall contribution level.

Everyone, including the Grants subDAO, is eligible to earn additional BAL through Coordinape.

January compensation payments will go out around February 1. February comp will go out around March 1. March comp will go out around April 1. The funding proposal for Q2 will be presented in April, with April’s comp payments going out around May 1. This will be the schedule going forward.