Educational Video Series by Finstreet

Educational video series for Balancer grant proposal

Introduction: Finstreet is India’s First Crypto Education Institute. This platform acts as an easily accessible medium for people to learn about the importance of cryptocurrencies and the different asset classes associated with them.

We will create an educational video series including an introductory video along with tutorial videos for increasing the userbase over the platform.


Tasks and schedule

Key deliverables:

  • One weekly news or update about Balancer for the next 6 months.
  • 6 explainers/tutorial videos about Balancer
  • 3 specific interview videos featuring the core team members of the Balancer community so that the world can share the vision of this project.

Key KPIs to be achieved with the campaign:

  • 1 million views on content related to Balancer.
  • 5 million impressions of the entire campaign.


The campaign will:

  • Educate people about Balancer and how to use it.
  • Create better and relevant reach in India and other Hindi speaking nations.
  • Create Brand awareness among the Indian crypto community.
  • Detailed introduction of the project
  • Help in creating strong brand recall value among the blockchain and crypto community.
  • Regular updates about Balancer to the Indian community.


We will start the campaign from March to the next six months till August. We are looking for a grant of $ 5,000.


Channels for distribution:

  • YouTube 23,000 subscribers
  • Quora Spaces 18,300 followers
  • Bolo Indya 70,100 followers
  • DailyHunt Josh 2,04,700 followers
  • MX Takatak 1,19,200 followers
  • Trell 37,000 followers
    More than** 300K** people in the crypto and blockchain interested community.

Key Facts:

  • 300k+ followers
  • 10 million-plus monthly views on all platforms
  • 3.5 million impressions per month on YouTube
  • Verified profiles on 6 platforms
  • 100% organic traffic
  • 80% month on month growth
  • Educational content in Hindi and English
  • Targeting niche Indian audience

Video formats:

  • Daily Crypto News
  • Review videos
  • Interviews with leading industry experts
  • Explainers
  • Tutorial videos


This proposal was made by:
Sahil Thakur Co-founder and Head of Business Development, Finstreet

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I don’t know if it would be worth reaching out to other media outlets, but I think The Defiant does a great job with production and tutorials. Maybe someone there has experience with the language and culture so that Balancer could stick. Honestly ease of use will lead to mass adoption.

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@IfDiLoWasGod we have a community of more than 300K people here in India and by posting tutorial/introductory videos on our channels we can surely attract new users to the platform.

I was not disagreeing, I was suggesting checking out how The Defiant does it’s tutorials.

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Sure @IfDiLoWasGod we will take necessary approvals from the team before making any content. There will be prior approval of the format for the tutorial/introductory videos.

:partying_face: I have a lot to study about it for sure.

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Thanks @LysShiva . I would like to know the further process of getting the approval for our proposal. We are also ready to organize an AMA to answer all queries the community may have.

Hi team,

Can you please guide me with the further process for our proposal?

Thanks & Regards.

Hello community,

We would love to understand the further process of getting the approval for our grants proposal. Please guide us.


Hey @sahil!

Thank you for making this proposal and sincere apologies for missing this post. TBH I keep up well with grant submissions via our google form but not as well with the discourse posts. I appreciate your patience and persistence.

I think this is a great proposal; we highly value the opportunity to connect Balancer with the Indian market via native Hindi content.

Looking at your youtube channel, the content seems to be targeted at crypto traders and investors, which in a sense is a well-suited audience for education about how to use Balancer as a trading platform. However the content that promotes specific tokens or gives investment advice is definitely not aligned with our community’s mission or the Balancer brand.

If you are to develop content for Balancer, it must steer clear of any shilling of tokens. Although I don’t understand Hindi, this video explaining Uniswap seems closer to what I would envision for this project; however without discussions about token price and with the addition of more visuals to help explain the concepts, as many viewers will be visual learners.

A combination of content that explains the concepts and mechanics behind the Balancer protocol and content that provides step-by-step guides on using Balancer would be great.

If you want to create separate content about the BAL token or other tokens, it would not be part of this grant project.

I also want to make sure that all of this content is provided 100% for free and does not include promotions for any paid services.

Regarding deliverables and asking price:

  • What would be the length of each video?
  • Which formats will you use to make these videos as engaging and effective as possible? For example, if the videos consist of lecture-style monologues, they would be less engaging than videos that include animations or other types of visual representations of the concepts being discussed.
  • Where/how will the weekly news updates be disseminated to your audience?
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Hi @immutbl, we at Finstreet totally aligned with the idea of not discussing token price, giving price targets, giving buy calls etc. This video series will totally focus on what actually balancer is and how to use it.

The content will be absolutely free for everyone and we won’t endorse any paid services in this video series.

Now answering your questions please find the answers:

  1. Video length would be 8-12 minutes. Tutorial videos are generally long as we will show the entire functioning in the video and it can go upto 15-16 minutes.

  2. We use green screen editing and will add relevant animations and graphics for making it engaging for the audience.

  3. It will be through our social media channels mentioned above. We will setup a group and you can provide us with regular updates and news happening with the platform.

Hello @immutbl I hope I have answered all your queries. Please let me know how we can proceed further.

Hi @sahil, thanks for your responses. Do you have any existing content that resembles what you intend to do for this project?

@immutbl please refer to the following video:

We can also decide mutually what else we can do to create the maximum impact of the campaign. We will firstly explain about the functioning of Balancer and what exactly the project is about then we will focus on tutorials of the platform in the next videos.

Great, thank you for sharing.

For the $5K asking price, I would request:

  • One weekly news or update about Balancer for the next 6 months.
  • 10 explainers/tutorial videos about Balancer
  • 4 specific interview videos featuring the core team members of the Balancer community so that the world can share the vision of this project.

By default, this grant amount would be set based on the BAL price at the time of agreement and would be paid once all deliverables are completed. However, if you prefer, we can break this project into 2 or 3 milestones so that each time a milestone is reached, you’d receive 1/3 or 1/2 of the payment amount.

Please let me know if you agree. Once the agreement is confirmed, my colleague Marta will collaborate more closely with you on the project.

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Thanks @immutbl I believe 6 videos will be quite enough for covering all the aspects and functioning of Balancer. However if you feel there’s something left we will make additional videos upto maximum 10.

Regarding payment, we have filled the grant because we are falling short of resources to carry forward this work. We can do 50% advance payment and 50% after the first month of the work.

Hi @immutbl please guide me with the further process.

Well this is a good idea it will help people learn more about Balancer and crypto in general

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@Ruttchezz thanks for your support.

@immutbl can you please guide me with the further process so that we can start with the campaign.