Deposit 3000 into pool, balance shows 3 cents

Hoping someone can help me understand what happened to my funds. Deposited 3000 dai into the dai yfi pool. It showed up originally as that. I also recieved 7.46 bpt tokens and staked them on However the balance showing in the pool is now just 3 cents and the staked amount on ygov shows as 0 now. I have no idea what happened. If someone can please help I that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Ok, so I actually see 7.46 bpt tokens in the ygov finance stake site, after I click my wallet address. However I have no idea what they are worth, and where my 3k dai went - does anyone smarter than me know? Thanks in advance!

Ok, I figured it out lol. my funds are not lost. the bpt tokens are actually worth quite a bit. I have them staked, earning yfi. For 6 hrs of staking I earned .0123 yf1 or 14.71 = approx 700% annual return lol I’m sure this won’t keep up. It just depends on the value of the yfi tokens.

Looked on with my wallet address

ok so the tokens stopped being claimable. now i gotta figure out why.