[BIP-587] Update Snapshot Parameters with Core Contributor Author Set


The Balancer Snapshot currently safe-guards the posting of proposals with a 200k veBAL minimum delegation threshold as per the erc20-balance-of strategy for veBAL. The Balancer Maxis are usually assisting partners and are posting snapshot proposals. With this proposal we seek to give a set of trusted core contributors the author role removing the 200k veBAL threshold so they can always post to snapshot. Other than this setting, nothing else changes and the same delegation rules apply.
Note that the author role only allows to post and edit self-made proposals.


As per [BIP-163] the DAO restructured the governance process and introduced a 200,000 veBAL in delegation threshold to be able to post to snapshot. Several entities, including some delegates hold said power to post votes to snapshot (https://dune.com/balancer/vebal). However, most frequently, core contributors such as the Balancer Maxis SP are assisting partners in navigating governance by posting votes and making sure their technical specifications meet the DAOs minimal requirements.

Therefore, I propose to add a set of trusted core contributors theough the author role in the balancer.eth snapshot space, removing a minimum veBAL delegation threshold for those individuals. These are the following:

Contributor name Address Role
Xeonus 0x7019Be4E4eB74cA5F61224FeAf687d2b43998516 Author
Zen Dragon 0x7c2eA10D3e5922ba3bBBafa39Dc0677353D2AF17 Author
Zekraken 0xff0281256B2A478905B79895c1A2038A679E1751 Author

Some of the addresses can be verified here.

An example vote with an author role enabled in our testing snapshot space can be found here


The above mentioned contributors have proven themselves as trustworthy individuals with a track-record of serving the DAO for more than 2.5 years. The main risk associated with granting the author role on snapshot is posting of a proposal that is not fit for vote, although that can already happen with the veBAL threshold of 200k in place. Our trusted voters and delegates are a safeguard against any malicious potential attempts that could be performed by said individuals, although the risk for such actions is extremely low. Note that the Author role can only post snapshot votes and doesn’t have any other privileges set, further reducing overall risk of potential malicious activity with the granted role.

Technical Specification

The Balancer DAO multi-sig 0x10A19e7eE7d7F8a52822f6817de8ea18204F2e4f will grant the Author role to following addresses

  • 0x7019Be4E4eB74cA5F61224FeAf687d2b43998516
  • 0x7c2eA10D3e5922ba3bBBafa39Dc0677353D2AF17
  • 0xff0281256B2A478905B79895c1A2038A679E1751

This will be done by interacting with the snapshot app over the DAO multisig, which will go to the members section of the snapshot settings page and complete the following actions:

  • Remove the current admin (0x6cd1), it is unclear where this address came from and is not listed in governance. The DAO multisig is the owner of the balancer.eth NFT and therefore maintains rights to manage snapshot. All recent changes to snapshot have been made by this address.
  • Add the following 3 addresses author:
    • 0x7019Be4E4eB74cA5F61224FeAf687d2b43998516
    • 0x7c2eA10D3e5922ba3bBBafa39Dc0677353D2AF17
    • 0xff0281256B2A478905B79895c1A2038A679E1751

The resulting settings string, signed by signers should read as follows:

{"name":"Balancer","network":"1","symbol":"veBAL","skin":"balancer","avatar":"ipfs://QmfQDYJF93G53RcCUaCzyy2eEViM6kCVmp6UMKPqcM649H","twitter":"balancer","website":"https://balancer.fi/","coingecko":"balancer","private":false,"domain":"vote.balancer.fi","admins":[],"moderators":[],"members":["0x7019be4e4eb74ca5f61224feaf687d2b43998516","0x7c2ea10d3e5922ba3bbbafa39dc0677353d2af17","0xff0281256b2a478905b79895c1a2038a679e1751"],"categories":[],"plugins":{"poap":{}},"children":[],"voting":{"period":345600,"type":"weighted","quorum":2000000,"hideAbstain":false},"strategies":[{"name":"erc20-balance-of","network":"1","params":{"symbol":"veBAL","address":"0xC128a9954e6c874eA3d62ce62B468bA073093F25","decimals":18}},{"name":"delegation-with-cap","network":"1","params":{"symbol":"veBAL (delegated)","address":"0xC128a9954e6c874eA3d62ce62B468bA073093F25","decimals":18,"strategies":[{"name":"erc20-balance-of","params":{"symbol":"veBAL","address":"0xC128a9954e6c874eA3d62ce62B468bA073093F25","decimals":18}}],"capPercentage":45,"delegationSpace":"balancer.eth"}}],"validation":{"name":"basic","params":{}},"voteValidation":{"name":"any","params":{}},"filters":{"minScore":200000,"onlyMembers":false},"treasuries":[{"name":"Balancer DAO Treasury","address":"0x10a19e7ee7d7f8a52822f6817de8ea18204f2e4f","network":"1"},{"name":"Balancer DAO Treasury","address":"0xaf23dc5983230e9eeaf93280e312e57539d098d0","network":"42161"},{"name":"Balancer DAO Treasury","address":"0xee071f4b516f69a1603da393cde8e76c40e5be85","network":"137"}],"boost":{"enabled":true,"bribeEnabled":false}}