[BIP-505] Enable 40DFX-20USDC-40TEL Gauge with 2% emissions cap

PR with Payload

DFX Finance’s proposal to add a gauge for the 40DFX-20USDC-40TEL - Polygon

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Protocol Description:

DFX Finance is a decentralized foreign exchange (FX) protocol that facilitates the seamless exchange of fiat-backed stablecoins denominated in a growing number of currencies. Using a hyper-efficient AMM, optimized for low volatility trading, DFX provides FX swaps with rates that will beat any bank, money changer, or FX platform. DFX is the governance token of DFX Finance which allows users to vote on protocol changes and initiatives of the DAO, and also allows users to receive boosted emissions on deposits within the DFX ecosystem.

Price History DFX:

Price History for DFX can be found on Coingecko


The DFX token on L2s such as Arbitrum and Polygon is migrating from a bridged token to a Chainlink CCIP token. As well, DFX Finance is committed to continue to engage in the Hiddenhand Finance ecosystem in a meaningful way to further deepen DFX liquidity onchain.


  1. Governance: DFX tokens serve as the governance token for the DFX Finance protocol. DFX token holders can vote on governance proposals through DFX’s snapshot. DFX forum is also used to discuss potential protocol changes and improvements.
  2. Oracles: DFX token does not rely on any external oracles. The DFX stablecoin pools uses Chainlink for its real world forex price feeds to facilitate efficient stablecoin swaps close to the spot price. The feeds can be found here: Decentralized Price Reference Data | Chainlink
  3. Audits: DFX has engaged with multiple auditors including engagements with Trail of Bits, Haechi, and Zellic to audit the DFX smart contracts.
  4. Centralization vectors: Treasury functions are controlled by a 2/4 multisig including treasury yield farming, and paying bribes.
  5. Market History: DFX has been transferable since March 2021.
  6. Value: This pool will be the primary source of liquidity for DFX on Arbitrum and Polygon

40DFX-20USDC-40TEL - Polygon
Pool: 0xc260f3c5a57caf193d1813d8fd0a02442073d6fa
Gauge: 0x15639b2F9159DFD4ACF8eCf56222421ead906826
Root Gauge: 0xe9b5f4d892Df284a15Ec90A58bd4385E57964f18


The Balancer Maxi LM Multisig eth:0xc38c5f97B34E175FFd35407fc91a937300E33860 will interact with the GaugeAdderv4 at 0x5DbAd78818D4c8958EfF2d5b95b28385A22113Cd and call the addGauge function with the following arguments:
gauge(address): 0xe9b5f4d892Df284a15Ec90A58bd4385E57964f18
gaugeType(string): Polygon