[BIP-475] Kill ROOT/WETH Gauge [Ethereum]

PR with Payload


The ROOT contributors informed us on Sunday 5th of November that they received a take-down notice based on their brand name. Details are available in this doc. Given the nature of this take-down we propose an immediate shut-down of the ROOT/ WETH gauge on mainnet proposed by BIP-470. Root contributors signaled to relaunch their token. We will assess the situation with them and evaluate if another proposal for a Balancer gauge is feasible.


Based on the nature of the take-down notice we propose to shut down this gauge with immediate effect and also remove the ROOT/WETH core pool designation.


The DAO Multisig 0x10A19e7eE7d7F8a52822f6817de8ea18204F2e4f will interact with the AuthorizerAdaptorEntrypoint at 0xf5dECDB1f3d1ee384908Fbe16D2F0348AE43a9eA and call performAction using 0xab8f0945 for the data(bytes) argument 0xd639e7fAe7a8d0233d416bfd5dA2ae4f917D2E77 as the ROOT/WETH gauge.

Furthermore "0x02ca8086498552c071451724d3a34caa3922b65a000200000000000000000613": "80ROOT-20wETH", will be removed from the core pool configuration maintained in the Maxi repo

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