[BIP-435] Change to Yes based Quorum of 1 Million Yes votes

I think this is a very reasonable analysis.

1.5 would be our preferred number if 4 delegates already have 1M.

We’ve already begun the process, but it’s not like anyone is clamoring to be a delegate these days. A large delegation has already been shifted to James and we’ve spoke w/ Locke as well. Our delegates will drop their vote rationales here: Delegates - Aura Finance

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Ok so:

Do we agree? Does someone want to put a BIP together or should I?

it’s gonna take a big effort to reach 1.5M votes on everything. but I guess that’s kinda the intention here, to start making us work for every proposal. hope everyone with a delegation will remain active. the shareholders are unlocking most of their veBAL so maxi delegation will only decrease from here

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I tend to agree and like 1 m or 1.25m better. We can always change again later, but let’s find some consensus and do something :slight_smile:

I’ll become an AURA delegate, maybe that helps balance out the shareholder unwinding.

I’d just do 1M quorum. if aura delegate wants to stop something makes no difference if quorum is 1M or 1.5M. only reason to do 1.5M is to increase the amount of work the people tryin to keep this place going have to do


We can probably just split the difference at like 1.25 or something–not trying to create extra work for you guys–was just going off of Danko’s quote below. I think we definitely need to be above 1M or we’ll be here next time complaining that the Maxis control the vote now.

Ok so i thought about it more. In the end, the goal here was first and foremost to fix our broken quorum, not change it.

I therefore suggest we do a simple BIP to change the quorum to at least 1 million YES votes to pass, simply restoring things to the way they were.

We can discuss a quorum increase later in a separate BIP.

I welcome anyone else who has participated in this conversation to propose a BIP with the parameters/style you see fit, but if no one does, I’ll post what I suggested above on Tuesday for action next week :slight_smile:

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