[BIP-39] Repay Aura Treasury for Unclaimable Rewards


The previous version of Balancer’s FeeDistributor contract had a logic issue that caused 3100 BAL to be deposited and permanently locked from claiming by the Aura VoterProxy. These tokens were already minted, deposited as rewards, and are now permanently locked.

Note: No other accounts or claims were affected. The issue was identified and subsequently rectified.

To compensate for the missed yield and ensure the system functioned as intended, the Aura Treasury manually deposited the missing BAL to the auraBAL rewards.


It is proposed that this BAL is repaid to the treasury.


Transfer 3,100 BAL tokens to the Aura Treasury Multisig


seems all fine to me but there’s not much difference between this and the tribe repayment proposal unless I’m missing something. In that one I mentioned that paying BAL from our treasury didn’t seem appropriate.

In this case, the BAL is going to auraBAL rewards rather than straight into a project’s veBAL stack - and we’re dealing with a much smaller amount. I worry a bit about setting a precedent that projects can use our treasury to cover unforeseen bugs or issues. Anyway, 3100 BAL is not worth a huge discussion and I will vote in favor.

Thanks for your support, brother!

I should clarify two minor points:

  1. The difference between this proposal and Tribe’s is that Tribe’s proposal was to fix a bug on their end. Here, the error wasn’t our own.
  2. Advice was given by core Balancer contributors that submitting a proposal would be the most feasible option for reimbursement.
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I am in favor of this proposal. While I share concerns about setting precedents, the fact is that this BAL is lost forever and If this were to have happened on a larger scale I would expect that we would pass a proposal to compensate users since it does not functionally give anyone BAL they are not entitled to. I appreciate the Aura team putting up the BAL in the meantime.

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Agree with @solarcurve and @Mike_B on their points given. I would be interested in how this actually happened in detail and what ramifications were put in place so that „only“ 3.1k BAL were lost. Was that during initial Aura development?

In any case, also in favor.

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I believe it is only fair to compensate Aura, since this was an issue on Balancer’s side rather than theirs. Especially since it’s small amount requested.

Similar to @Xeonus we would like to know further details.

As mentioned by @Franklin, this was indeed an issue on the Balancer side, not Aura. In the Tribe case, Tribe had made a mistake which resulted in funds being locked.

The bug was quite limited in scope: it was only triggered when a user interacted over 50 times with the veBAL system within the same week (e.g. locking 80/20 BPT to acquire veBAL). Aura was the only account in the network with such frequent interactions, which is why they were the only affected party, and why they noticed this in the first place.

With over 50 interactions per week, it was possible to claim tokens in such a way that would result in incomplete tracking of how many tokens an account is due for a given week, which is what happened to Aura when claiming BAL, resulting in said tokens becoming unclaimable. After noticing this, they realized the issue and proceeded to claim bb-a-USD correctly.

We’ve been monitoring the situation since then, as the nature of the bug made it possible to spot that an issue might arise with over a week’s notice, and promptly address it. An upgraded version was released about two weeks ago, and is already being used by the front-end to process new tokens being distributed to veBAL holders. There’s no further risk of tokens becoming locked again.


in favor of this proposal due to the nature of the incident. cool to see the bug was fixed already :muscle:

Thank you for your detailed response, brother–much appreciated.

Good morning! I believe sufficient discussion has occurred, and I am replying to this thread signaling my desire to send this proposal to a vote, as per forum instructions.



A big thank you to Solarcurve and the Balancer community for your support on this proposal–much appreciated!