BIP-388: Wire up Base Chain in preparation for launch

Payload PR - BIP-388


Contracts are deployed, and everything is looking good for Balancers launch on Base Chain. This BIP includes a number of final steps that must be taken to get everything working.

Along with the typical wireup of permissions, the Gauge Factory and Authorizer Wrapper are also being configured, and a 50% protocol fee is being set.

English Specification

The transaction details for base.json were generated by this script with inputs and outputs in this directory

The following files can be found both linked below and in the payload PR linked above:

Filename Description of Contents
inputs.json The inputs to the script mapping functions and deployments to target addresses that can execute them. The resulting changes printed in a table sorted by target chain and target address. (to easily understand permisisons granted) The resulting changes printed in a table sorted by target chain and target deployment. (for verification against action ids) A table that describes what each function that is being granted privileged access to allows.
base.json Permissions Changes on base described by the outputs above
BIP-388A.json Sets 50% Protocol Fees on Base Chain as per current standards
BIP-388B.json Wires up the Gauge Factory to allow Gauges receive bal.
BIP-388C.json Enables the Authroizer Wrapper - see BIP-277

More information about the various Balancer Multisigs and their functions can be found in the multisig-ops repo


  • base.json applies the standard permissions described in the tables above.
  • BIP-388A.json sets protocol fees to 50% for swaps and yields (types 0 and 2)
  • BIP-388B.json Wires the Gauge Factory up to the Psuedominter, adding and removing permisisons to do so in the process.
  • BIP-388C.json Enables the authorizer wrapper, adding and removing permissions to do so in the process.

Risk Assessment

This is all part of the standard process for provisioning a new chain. There are currently no deposits on base chain, this presents to risk to current protocol operations.


Balancer Deployments
BAL Addresses


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