[BIP-387] Give Balancer Maxis ability to add 3rd party rewards to mainnet gauges

PR with Payload


We already possess this ability for the L2’s. The reason we’re requesting it for mainnet is so we can add 3rd party rewards in cases where the gauge will not likely be added to the veBAL voting system.

It’s preferable to add 3rd party rewards through Aura when the gauge will be or is already in the voting system because it speeds up the process of “ramping up” emissions on the Aura side. Without BAL emissions there’s no need to direct users to Aura and involve Aura governance.


The DAO Multisig eth:0x10A19e7eE7d7F8a52822f6817de8ea18204F2e4f will interact with the Authorizer 0xA331D84eC860Bf466b4CdCcFb4aC09a1B43F3aE6 with the following inputs:

role: 0x3bf29175652a3f0fac5abb715d0b7fe2e7b597e2e2eff555dac6b21a20a7c83e

which corresponds to the role for calling add_reward verifiable here

account: eth:0xc38c5f97B34E175FFd35407fc91a937300E33860

which corresponds to the Balancer Maxi LM Multisig



One question: Was this already done in any L2 (the direct 3rd reward)? I tried to find something related to it in the forum, but I wasn’t able to.


yes. it’s part of granting network permissions so you’d find it in those proposals.

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Thanks for your reply, and I’m sorry for my bad wording.

I was trying to ask how this will happen (something like a framework). When the protocol asks Maxis to add the rewards, what happens? Are you guys going to deliberate on it? Will there be a report about it? Will this request go here to the governance forum? How can we check the ones already executed (if any)?

My question was more about this instead of the actual implementation of the permissions.

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when a protocol asks us to add rewards we will add them in the case of the gauge not being in the veBAL system.

if it is in the system we will ask that they go through aura governance. only if there’s some very good reason why they don’t want to do that would we proceed on our side.

there will not be reports or posts to governance forum. best way to check the ones already executed would be to watch our multisig probably

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Solar, can you define some things here/give examples to help me understand this better please? I think this proposal is missing some context or maybe just me.

What do you mean a DAO wants to add rewards? Rewards = bribes here? If yes to bribes, why would a DAO/protocol team bribe if they don’t have a gauge? Who needs approval from either us or Aura to pay bribes? Just for gauges.

Anyways, I think I am just totally missing some understanding here so if you can help with some context that would be helpful for me.

Thank you

when I say 3rd party rewards I refer to direct emissions on the LP that are not BAL or AURA emissions.

3rd party direct incentives must be whitelisted. This power is what this proposal is asking be granted to the balancer Maxis.

Bribing is a separate thing. You cannot bribe without having an approved veBAL gauge.

Why someone would want to print direct incentives instead of bribing? It could be because they aren’t confident they’ll see a positive ROI from bribing or it could be a custom pool that doesn’t want to pay Balancer’s protocol fee (the pool must pay protocol fees to get a veBAL gauge).

Ah I see, thank you.

Is the argument for not having this go through governance just to simplify what governance is controlling in terms of BAU operations?

adding 3rd party rewards on an individual basis has never gone through Balancer governance historically. the role for adding 3rd party rewards has been given to the balancer maxis on every L2. This just extends that to L1.

If governance prefers to vote on every 3rd party reward being added then someone should present a proposal to remove the role for Balancer maxis to handle it. my view is this would create a lot of needless noise and it’s better if governance continues to delegate this power.

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