[BIP-300] Change Snapshot to Weighted Voting


To continue the pondering :slight_smile:

I wonder if Democracy is the right word to use to explain a system whereby people vote(or delegate) based the number of gov tokens they control.

Doesn’t democracy, or at least modern, liberal democracy describe a government of the people, and kind of means 1 person/1 vote?

Even older democracies(greek and roman) that didn’t consider many of the people as people, still were based on 1 person 1 vote for those who were. Maybe I need a history lesson.

DAOs are more like an aristocracy where those who have the most get more influence. I guess there are some democratic processes used for this body to decide things, but it’s a stretch to call DAO Governance a democratic body.

I think that’s where the Curve/Balancer War term came from ;). Houses(DAOs and whales) in competition for for power and control (gov tokens).

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