[BIP-144] Fund Balancer Grants Q1 2023

Balancer Grants DAO Service Provider Proposal Q1 2023


This proposal is to continue Balancer Grants within the Balancer DAO, as an independent community-owned grants program for the Balancer ecosystem as a Service Provider (SP). The program aims to accelerate the development of the BAL ecosystem while optimizing contributor rewards in the Balancer ecosystem. Grants are an alternative pathway for projects aimed at funding smaller, short term or one off projects up to $100k USD that don’t fit the Foundation Service Provider funding model.

The current Balancer Grants team has been working together under the previous snapshot proposal passed on Sept 26, 2022. To date, the grants program has successfully delivered 6 waves of funding and mentoring, expanding the Balancer ecosystem by encouraging building to increase TVL and bring more quality teams into the Balancer ecosystem. This proposal is to continue the operation of the grants program as per BIP-76 , changes to this are outlined below.

Request is 84,791 BAL total to top up the treasury (currently 16,369 BAL uncommitted) for 70,000 BAL to future grantees, 11,850 BAL for committee/support, 19,310 BAL Fjord Top up (Details below).

As always, we welcome comments and recommendations from the community how to better develop the Balancer grants program.

Previous Performance

Currently managing 18 live grantees providing cross-functional support between BLabs, Orb and grantees.
Championed co-funding arrangements with Aura Grants
Two TWAMM implementations due to be live next quarter
Notional Finance adding >$3m TVL from $70k grant. More pools to be launched.
Funding development of Xeonus’ analytics site
Expanding Balancer docs and SDK
Dedication to transparent approvals process and reporting
Recovered Funds from stale grantees to redistribute to new projects.

Domain of Operation

The grant program provides support and funding (up to $100K USD, paid in BAL) to projects committed to supporting Balancer Protocol in achieving its mission to become the number one source of liquidity for DeFi. This program is made for groups and individuals that aspire to run a project that builds on the Balancer Protocol or supports the development of the Balancer ecosystem. While the Foundation SP model is aimed at long term engagements or those with a cost beyond $100k USD, grants are an alternative pathway aimed at funding smaller, short term or one off projects.

The Balancer Grants DAO Service Provider will be operated by the Grants Committee, a group of diverse and experienced Balancer contributors. More details on the Grants Committee are below

Grants Committee

The Grants Committee consists of dedicated Balancer contributors with strong analytical and support backgrounds.

Burns - Committee Co-Lead

Zen Dragon - Committee Co-Lead

Jay Napier - Committee Member/Mentor

John Grant - Committee Member/Mentor

Mike B - Committee Member/Mentor

Xeonus - Committee Member/Mentor

ZeKraken - Committee Member/Mentor

The Grants Committee will continue to work closely with Balancer Labs, Orb Collective and Ballers to amplify and support grantees.

By having a dedicated and diverse group of committee members and proactively working together with other ecosystem partners, Balancer Grants are set out to be one of the most effective grants programs in DeFi.

Length of Engagement and Budget breakdown

This budget contains all costs for the full operations of the Balancer Grants DAO for the period January 1st, 2023 until March 31st, 2023. At the end of this cycle (March 31st), any unallocated resources will be sent back to the Balancer Treasury or kept to offset the next epoch budget request. A new proposal for the next cycle will be submitted at the end of this cycle.

Compensation will continue to be paid out in BAL to assist the DAO in becoming sustainable from protocol fees. Due to the inconsistent nature of grants and the associated workload, grants team members will self-assess their level of contribution against defined Tiers each month to determine their compensation which is reviewed by the grants co-leads and committee.

Tiers are:

Committee Lead / Major Contribution - $5,000 USD paid in BAL - significant administration of grants docs, prepare and present monthly reports/community calls, wave round up, grantee announcements, budget preparation and SP proposals, .

High Level Contributor - $3,500 USD paid in BAL - as per Low Contributor plus mentor 5+ low assistance grantees or 3+ high assistance grantees.

Medium Level Contributor - $2,500 USD paid in BAL - as per Low Contributor plus mentor 2-3 low assistance grantees or 1-2 high assistance grantees.

Low Level Contributor - $1,250 USD paid in BAL - contribute to weekly grants meeting, follow up call for 1-2 grant applications, mentor at least 1 grantee with low level assistance required (generally self-sufficient grantee with no major coordination with BLabs).

Name Amount in BAL/USD Description
Q1 Grants 70k BAL ($350k USD @ $5.00 USD/BAL) To be rewarded to grantees based on milestones following the full Grants review process. For sub $5k USD contributions a light review process will be utilized.
2 Grant co-lead $5k x 2 x 3 months @ $5.00 USD/BAL= 6,000 BAL The Grants Lead role is split between 2 co-leads. Roles takes ownership of the establishment and operations of the Balancer Grant processes. The co-leads are responsible for coordinating with Committee Members, scheduling and hosting meetings, maintaining Medium and Notion pages and leading the post grants report.
5 committee members $1.75k average x 5 x 3 months @ $5.00 USD/BAL = 5,250 BAL Commit to supporting & reviewing up to 10 hours a week and mentoring up to 5 hours a week each month
Fjord Top up 19,310BAL 77k BAL approved and transferred to Grants for a total of $500k USD @ $6.50 USD/BAL. Given the drop in BAL price since approval, the agreement is estimated at a total of 96,310 BAL using a value of $5 USD/BAL for remaining payments. Alternatively, this top up could be paid in February/March once the existing allocation is exhausted.
Other Program Expenses 600BAL Any other program expenses that may be required for the smooth execution of the grants program. This may include (but is not limited to) to design, media, PR, research, legal, gas fees or any other specialized functions outside the skillset of the committee
Uncommitted Treasury 16,369 BAL Including Fjord overrun
Total request for quarter 84,791 BAL

Service Provider Pledge

The Grant DAO service provider agrees to operate under the existing Balancer DAO’s Code of Conduct, as listed here

The Grant DAO service also pledges to be held accountable by the Balancer Token Holder in accordance with the Balancer DAO Accountability Guidelines. This will include the Grant’s Committee:

  • Holding an open community call quarterly and keeping a recording available for 3 months
  • Developing a monthly report detailing key objective progress which is posted to the Balancer Forum
  • Attending and presenting during the internal monthly DAO meeting (mandatory attendance by a least 1 representative)


If approved, the Grants treasury (0xE2c91f3409Ad6d8cE3a2E2eb330790398CB23597) will be sent 84,791 BAL and approved to be delegated to the grantees by the Grants Committee multi-sig (currently 4 out of 7). All transactions will be recorded in a Sheet and summarized at the end of the Grants Cycle.

ETH Address to Receive Funds

Grants Treasury - 0xE2c91f3409Ad6d8cE3a2E2eb330790398CB23597

Current Treasury Balance ~178,807 BAL + 22,078 USDC

Committed BAL ~162,438 BAL + 20,000 USDC

Uncommitted BAL in treasury ~16,369 BAL + 2,078 USDC


We’ve had a great time working w/ Burns and Zen Dragon these last few weeks, and have been impressed by their professionalism and the work product of the Balancer grants program. Looking forward to working w/ the Balancer Committee more in 2023–Happy New Year!


I am obviously biased as I am both a grantee and mentor. Nevertheless, I can say first hand that @burns and @ZenDragon are doing a phenomenal job. @ZenDragon built out a revamped RFP page as well.

We see many great applications coming in and it is exciting to see what is being built on top if Balancer thanks to those grants. :pray:t2:

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One of the things you pay Massari for is their reputation for diligence and their reach when they publish reports. They’re a pretty well known/established industry stalwart of DeFi that bluechip DAOs use in order to prove/demonstrate legitimacy.

The fact that the council told you to that they don’t want to pay more for someone else to do something similar without significant community support makes plenty of sense. To me this seems like a grant committee that is focused on being prudent and using capital in a somewhat efficient manner, but who are also open to the desires of the community at large should there be a strong preference.


I like how you explained the opposite perspective!
Comment deleted so as not to damage the team’s reputation!