[BIP-118] Appointment of director to the Balancer Foundation

The Foundation Board would like to propose Danko be appointed as director of the Balancer Foundation, representing the community, effective 1 December 2022. According to article 5.3 of Balancer’s Foundation Articles of Association: “The Token Holders have the power, by Governance Resolution, to appoint or remove Directors.”

As previously mentioned on community updates, Mkflow is stepping down as director of the Balancer Foundation to take up other roles in the community. Firstly, the Foundation directors and management would like to thank Mkflow for his services, which have been a great addition in the early stages of establishing operations. The Board also notes they have accepted Mkflow’s resignation effective 1 December 2022.

The Foundation board has screened candidates for the role and has identified Danko as the best fit for the current needs of the Foundation.

Danko is well known in the Balancer community, and I’ll include some background here for those less acquainted. Danko has been a Balancer DAO community member since Q2 of 2022, when he first joined the Operations and Partnerships subDAO as a Baller. As the DAO’s framework began to shift in Q3, Danko joined the Balancer Maxis workgroup, being responsible for onboarding new DAO members and helping contributors and third-party projects navigate the protocol. During this time, Danko has proven himself a reliable and trustworthy member of the Balancer community, representing Balancer in several key meetings, events, and conversations.

Danko is a Founding Member of BanklessBR DAO, a Brazilian community that helps people enter the web3 space, where he was a core-team contributor until last July, publishing and translating several articles, specially on the topic of DAO communities. He was also an active member of numerous NFT communities and supported local artists with web3 education.

IRL, Danko has more than 13 years’ experience in law enforcement as a forensic scientist and investigator. His formal academic background includes a Bachelor’s degree in law and a Masters degree in Public Policies. This drives Danko’s interest in the DeFi space in general, and the future of our industry.

As there will be no overlap of directors, there will be no additional cost to the Balancer DAO and no funds are requested under this proposal.

For more information regarding the role of a community director, please see the original funding proposal for the Balancer Foundation.


I would like to thank @Xeonus and @Tristan345 for approaching me with this opportunity. I deeply appreciate this chance to get more involved in the Balancer ecosystem, in a long-term commitment to this community and amazing protocol.


It was a great pleasure to be serving as a Director of the Balancer Foundation. I will move on towards a more technical role within the Balancer ecosystem as part of a Service Provider.

I think Danko is a great fit for the role as he has shown his commitment towards Balancer in the past and will continue to do so.



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