[BIP-110] Enable T/WETH 80/20 Gauge w/2% emissions cap [Ethereum]

Gauge Proposal Template:


Whitelist for veBAL voting WETH-T Pool Gauge w/2% emissions cap

References/Useful links:

Link to:
• Official website: https://threshold.network/
Other links in comments (1).

Protocol Description:

Threshold Network was formed in 2022 by the combination of NuCypher and Keep, the first example of a decentralized network merger.
Threshold provides a suite of threshold cryptography primitives that can be used for data privacy, access controls, condition based encryption, and, most relevant for Balancer, cross-chain asset bridges.


The Threshold DAO recently created and seeded with POL the Balancer pool and intends to use BAL incentives via the gauge to attract more users to provide liquidity alongside our DAO to make this pool an important ETH <> T rail.
A gauge that earns BAL would boost the liquidity in the pool, and help Threshold bootstrap itself as a major participant in the Balancer ecosystem.
One of the marquee applications that will be launching on Threshold is the upcoming tBTCv2 bridge (2). tBTCv2 is a trust-minimized, decentralized Bitcoin bridge that provides a permissionless way for BTC holders to participate in DeFi on Ethereum: (3).
A future tBTCv2 Balancer pool will be a key part of our effort to bridge over a significant amount of idle BTC that has never participated in DeFi.


  1. Governance: Threshold Network DAO is governed by holders of T, through Governor Bravo (4) votes, snapshot (5) votes and forum (6) proposals. Currently, POL that cannot be easily managed via Governor Bravo lives with the Threshold Council multisig (7).

  2. Oracles: None.

  3. Audits: Audits of Threshold were performed by ChainSecurity and Certik (8).

  4. Centralization vectors: There are no significant centralization vectors in the protocol. Upgradeable contracts are controlled via Governor Bravo, with the elected Threshold Council multisig having an emergency veto power in the case of a malicious proposal somehow being validated by Governor Bravo.

  5. Market History: The asset has displayed volatility in line with comparable assets of similar market cap and depth.

  • Balancer Pool & Balancer Gauge (9)
    Live since 8th October 2022
    TVL approximately $800k
  • Curve Pool (10)
    Live since Jan 2022
    TVL currently $7.5M
  1. Value: Disregarding centralized exchanges, the primary source of liquidity for T is Curve. Balancer is currently the second largest source of liquidity for the token after Curve and we expect the pools to complement each other via increased trading activity by arbitragers.

Gauge with 2% emissions cap: 0x7Fc115BF013844D6eF988837F7ae6398af153532

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Threshold twitter: https://twitter.com/TheTNetwork
Governance Forum: https://forum.threshold.network/

There are more links which I can paste once my new user limit is lifted :slight_smile:

Are you open to putting a cap of 2% of total emissions on your gauge?

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Hi Solarcurve, I’m not sure why would that be, but if that’s the rule I guess we agree. Thanks.

Remaining links:

Github: threshold-network · GitHub
Threshold Launch Blog: Threshold Launch Details
The story of Threshold: The Story of Threshold So Far: The KEANU Vote, tBTC v2, and the 2021 Roadmap

(2) tBTC v2 Hits Its First Launch Milestone

(3) An Intro to tBTC for NuCypherinos

(4) Governor Bravo

(5) Threshold Snapshot

(6) Threshold Forum

(7) Threshold Council multisig

(8) ChainSecurity and Certik

(9) Balancer Pool

Balancer Gauge

(10) Curve Pool

The reason is to protect against the possibility of small market cap tokens having a large amount of BAL emissions directed at them. There is a point where no new TVL will come in no matter how high the APR goes.

I can’t find much information about T’s circulating market capitalization. Do you have that number?

$ 220M - Threshold price today, T to USD live, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap

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Thank you. I think to be on the safe side a 2% cap is reasonable here and since you seem OK with that I took the liberty to edit the new gauge into your proposal. We can throw this up for a vote on Thursday if you’re good with that.

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Sure, thank you for that !

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