Balancer V2 Front end new launch date?

Good day to everyone.

Do we have an updated launch date for Balancer V2 front end go live?
We can see it as April 28th on the official website

P.S. @BalancerLabs Twitter page shows that the Balancer team sent a cake to Hayden Adams for the launch of Uniswap V3 :v:. They’re slowly migrating Uniswap V2 Liquidity (including Sushiswap btw) to V3.

(I am keen on moving more funds from Uniswap V2 to Balancer soon but some doubts come to mind on when to do it. Balancer V2 front end go live date might just be around the corner and I want to save some gas by directly moving these funds to Balancer V2.)

This is the tweet where they say on April 27th that v2 is moving back by a week or two. So, while I don’t have any inside info on the ETA that puts us a week in since the announcement.

So, I feel like it could be almost anytime between now and the 11th, although it could be moved back again.
Right, whether or not to make moves has been a big question, especially if you know you’ll be migrating to V2.

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Awesome, @jnapier.

I missed that tweet last week! Then this clarifies the launch date.

Can’t wait to use the new and sleek look of the front end.
I wish the Balancer team a seamless go-live for V2.