BAL Whitelist Modifications for Week 46

On behalf of the Balancer community, I’d like to propose the following modifications to the token whitelist used for BAL governance token distribution. All new tokens will be placed at cap1 ($1M) as described in the updated whitelist proposal. At any time, community members may propose on the forum to increase a token’s cap to the next tier.

As a reminder, these whitelist proposals are pre-approved on objective technical criteria, so they are not subject to community vote. To suggest a token for inclusion in one of these proposals, please use the #token-requests channel in the Balancer Discord. Requested tokens will be vetted in a single batch each Friday, to take effect the following Monday. The official instructions and listing criteria can be found here.

For reference, the active whitelist can be found here. Note that the additions suggested within this proposal are unlikely to appear on the official list until a few days after publication. Also see the original motivation for creating the whitelist.

Proposed Modifications

I would like to propose adding the following new token to the whitelist:

ADD		2GT		0xC96c1609A1a45CcC667B2b7FA6508e29617f7b69

The proposed changes will go into effect at 00:00 UTC on Monday, April 12, whitelisted tokens will not be added to the Balancer exchange UI; the core team adds tokens to the official exchange UI at their own discretion and considers a variety of factors. Tokens can always be traded using contract addresses in place of symbols, and anyone is free to fork the open source exchange UI to add more symbols.

Resulting Soft/Hard Pegs

The following price pegs will be added to the BAL mining scripts in response to the whitelist changes. At time of writing, soft pegs receive a wrapFactor of 0.2 and hard pegs receive a wrapFactor of 0.1. For reference, please see the wrapFactor proposal.

There are no new pegs introduced this week.


Some requested tokens were omitted this week.

The following token has optional transfer fee functionality. Currently, all fees are set to zero; however, the owner has authority to re-enable transfer fees at any time, which would be a violation of Whitelist Criterion #3: The token’s transfer() and transferFrom() implementations must exhibit the expected behavior - namely, transferring N tokens from one address to another. Certain divergences from this behavior, such as transfer fees, can cause issues with Balancer pools, and these tokens will be rejected. The token is in the process of being upgraded to a new feeless contract, but it has not yet reached mainnet.

OMIT	EURS			0xdB25f211AB05b1c97D595516F45794528a807ad8	Transfer fee

The following token lacks a price feed via the CoinGecko API, which means it can be listed on the UI but is not yet eligible for liquidity mining due to violation of Whitelist Criterion #7: The token must have a price feed accessible via CoinGecko’s API, e.g. this example link for WETH. This is instrumental to calculating a pool’s eligibility for BAL rewards. If a token meets all of the remaining criteria but not this criterion, it can be added to the UI whitelist and reconsidered for the mining whitelist once the price feed becomes available.

OMIT	O-OCEAN-MAR22	0x24D8C2163D6B13A6B8770B794d00c98Cb4E0cBCa	No price feed

Hi Rabmarut,

EURS smart contract has been ugpraded

Hi Rabmarut,

EURS contract has been upgraded 2 weeks ago. Commission was removed completely. Delegated transfer will have it of course, but its not the function its used.

@rabmarut tagging you as you may have not seen the messages.

@sg13wp I apologize for my confusion regarding the EURS delegation. I took a closer look, and you are correct; so I have approved the token this week: BAL Whitelist Modifications for Week 47