Voting with tokens in Vault

I was wondering if there is a way for tokens inside of Balancer vaults to be used to vote on other protocol’s governance proposals. Many other communities such as yearn use the voting power of the tokens in their vaults to benefit their protocol. Is it possible for Balancer to implement such a thing, and if so, would that be required to be implemented in the Vault, or at the pool level?


It would most likely have to be some kind of smart pool and/or a custom asset manager. don’t think there is any way to vote with tokens from our current pool factories while they’re sitting in the vault. Only caveat to that is snapshot if the project adds Balancer lp shares as eligible voters - like you can vote on Balancer snapshot if you’re in the 80/20 BAL/WETH pool.

for the real answer, have to wait for giga brain dev to show up. Just my uninformed take :slight_smile:


Thanks, I think it would be an interesting use case if BAL token holders could use the voting power in the Vault, as there would be an extra incentive to acquire BAL. The structure of the V2 Vault seems ideal for such a system as all the tokens in question are already residing at the same smart contract address, so it won’t be the LP tokens that vote, as the LP token contracts no longer hold any tokens.

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