Veballer.eth - Voting Delegate

Dear community

As a passionate contributor to the Balancer DAO I couldn’t resist but create (the first) thread on becoming a voting delegate.

Let me introduce myself with a snappy delgate introduction card based on @solarcurve post :

Name: Xeonus

Address or ENS: veballer.eth

Discord username/TG username: Xeonus#4620

I have read and understood the Delegate process: Affirmative

I understand that becoming a delegate is a significant commitment: Yes - it is not only a significant commitment but also - to me personally - an important one to keep the integrity of Balancers future

My reasons for wanting to be a delegate: I have been a core contributor to the DAO since August 2021. I wrote important proposals such as the Protocol Fee Activation and Swap Fee Control proposals. As I am deeply embedded in the DAO as a signer of the Treasury subDAO as well as leading the community dev subDAO, I feel obliged to take over responsibility for important voting initiatives.

My view on Fernando’s vision for Balancer: His vision is key to understand why Balancer needs to become a truly decentralized protocol. Additionally, our strength will lie in providing an excellent PaaS (platform as a service) for other protocols to build on top of. Balancer has superior tech and it is time for it to shine in DeFi.

My web3 interests: Anything from how DeXs work to how one can leverage on-chain data to better understand the space

Languages I speak/write: German, French, English

My skills and areas of expertise: PhD in Neuroscience, IT Consultant and Software Engineer for 4 years. I am the creator of and . I have strong analytical and technical skills that I am currently expanding in the web3 space.

Other web3 projects I’m involved in: Beethoven-X, PrimeDAO


Introduce ProtocolFeesWithdrawer

I voted yes. Important security measure that had to be put in place. Balancer labs acted quickly and swiftly!

Enable CREAM/WETH 80/20 Gauge [Ethereum]

I voted yes. Supporting the addition of new gauges is currently important to grow our veBAL ecosystem.

Allowlist Pickle Finance in veBAL Voting Escrow

I voted yes. As with the other gauge additions, we are currently in a growth phase and onboarding new gauges is crucial for the success of our platform.

Form the Emergency subDAO

I voted yes. Important security measure to disable malicious gauges / bad actors.

Allocate 31,250 BAL for Optimism Incentives

I voted yes. I am very excited for this joint-venture! Thanks to @solarcurve for pushing this initiative!

Amend the Agreement with 1inch

I voted yes as it is an essential amendment to the implementation agreement.

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