[RFC] Deploy BAL Treasury into Spiral DAO ITO

Hey there Farmer Brown,

Just in January we voted on a new treasury strategy as managed by Karpatkey [BIP-162] Karpatkey Investment Strategy. Part of that BIP was about giving Karpatkey responsibility for defining/suggesting our treasury strategy.

I personally don’t think it is aproporiate for this kind of a treasury decision to be brought to snapshot as a BIP without a detailed conversation with Karpatkey.

Additionally, Karpatkey is a treasury manager for many DAOs so if you have a good product and sell them on it, they could help you get more customers.

I suggest you get into contact with @karpatkey, figure out if there’s a way to collaborate, and come back together with a BIP if there is a desire to do something.

If your desire is that we abandon our relationship with Karpatkey, or redirect funds away from their management, you probably need to put some more work into explaining why we should do that.