[Proposal] Remove balfactor and restore the rewards to the community

The market price has seemed to significantly reflect the dissatisfaction of this last weeks’ rewards due to the newly imposed balfactor giving 1.5x rewards to those adding liquidity to a pair involving BAL. This change was pushed through without a clear title and I’m not sure that the community knew it was going to happen.

My rewards have changed significantly since I started providing liquidity. The rewards are now just a tiny fraction of what they used to be and I’m clearly not the only one disappointed with almost a 50% price drop.

Therefore, respectfully, my proposal is to reverse/remove the 1.5x balfactor.

This was a broad market drop and completely unrelated to this proposal.

Also, the community did know about it as it was announced multiple times. You can see the results of the vote here: https://vote.balancer.finance/balancer/proposal/QmUWxCMi1s4vtpUy9HCZGDZnVdzE2zivN73HfUK73WA68a