[Proposal] Partnership with MCT Token (MyConstant)

Hello Balancer Community! :wave:

My name is Loudee and I work for MyConstant as the Senior Business Development. MyConstant would like to partner with Balancer and we would like to ask the @Community to approve our Partnership of Balancer and MCT token.

In early 2019, MyConstant released our first lending version. During 2020, we launched a mobile app, integrated over 30 different crypto coins, and matched the first $60M. In 2021, we launched our debit card, crypto swap, added more crypto coins, issued MCT token, reached 150,000 users, and matched $150M. See our roadmap image below to review and see the exciting features we are launching in 2022.

MyConstant Token (MCT)
Created: 2022
Purpose: Act as a reward token when borrowing or investing on MyConstant.com. In the future we plan to use MCT in our Crypto-Backed Loan, Crypto Swap, Institutional Loan, Constant Card, and also for votes on the platform.

We plan to offer an airdrop of our MyConstant Token to Balancer users. If the community approves our coin, we love to expedite AirDrop campaign with Balancer community along with an AMA together.

The MyConstant token allocation is as shown in the diagram:


Our Whitepaper: https://www.myconstant.com/files/MyConstant-Token-Whitepaper.pdf

If anyone has any questions I would be happy to answer them. MyConstant is looking forward to working with Balancer and the Balancer community. :star_struck:


Hi @Loudee, thanks for the proposal. I am not sure if fully understand what you are looking for from the Balancer community other than an AMA. Are you looking to launch your token through a LBP? Please let us know.

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Hi @zekraken , Much obliged for the response.

MyConstant is P2P Lending which is aiming to support customers to secure their BAL and utilize BAL as collateral to expedite and increase capital without selling BAL, meaning we list BAL on our market from day 1. Then for this time airdrop our token MCT that hopes to send amount as a thank gift from MyConstant to BAL’s owner for sticking with us, being super active on us. And It’s now a good time to send thank to BAL core team as well.

That’s why I think AMA activities can help the community get the rewards better. And if any other activities than an AMA can be done with BAL, we’re happy to cooperate. :muscle:

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thanks for the overview. I think you may want to stop by the discord and pop into the partnerships channel. maybe there can be some collaboration here. https://discord.balancer.fi/

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