Orb Collective BAL Inventory Breakdown - 5/12/23

As requested by the community, please find below a full breakdown of the status of all BAL tokens granted to Orb Collective via BIP-38.

To bridge the gap between Orb’s policy of contributor privacy and the desire of community members to verify our reports, a highly granular version of this report broken down by contributor has been shared with and reviewed by @Tristan345 of the OpCo.


Can you explain a little bit more what “BAL Forfeited” means? I think I read this as paying out vesting to people who left but didn’t stay till the end of their contract.

I don’t see any reference to BAL Forfeiture in previous governance texts, am I missing something?


First of all I acknowledge there are a bunch of concepts here that were hard to put into succinct and clear terms; I’ve just updated the first image to include a description for each unique line item.

But to answer your question directly, BAL forfeited means tokens that were at some point allocated to contributor vesting plans but then made available again because the contributor was terminated before those tokens vested.

If anything else is unclear I’m happy to explain.

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I’m not totally clear about your question- are you still asking about forfeited BAL in particular?

To me these are the main points to take away overall:

  • The only BAL that has actually been spent to date and is gone is the “BAL distributed” figure- this is the BAL that fully vested and was paid out to contributors (80,443).
  • All of the rest of the BAL that was granted to Orb in BIP-38 is currently held by OpCo (318,084).
  • Of the BAL that is held by OpCo, 164,169 is allocated to active vesting plans and is subject to forfeiture if the contributors were to terminate.
  • Depending on which contributors remain in the ecosystem after July 31 and what the DAO decides is fair in regards to the continuation of their existing vesting plans, some amount of the 164,169 BAL would be forfeited and some amount would presumably continue to vest.
  • Side note: there are people on the Orb team who have been onboard for less than a year and have not yet reached the end of their cliff period and therefore have not received any BAL yet.
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Thank you @immutbl

From the allocated 164,169 BAL, can you clarify how much BAL would be distributed until July 31st if the contributors stay until the end of Year 1?

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