[BIP-487] Balancer <> Across Add more BAL to LP

In this case it’s more about utility than earnings. Right now at times trying to bridge 1k BAL fast across chain on an aggregator like Bungee is not possible. There is some liquidity on squid network, but only between arbi, base and mainnet and it doesn’t’ seem to be getting the same utlliization. The yields are nice, although it looks like we have only earned about 700 BAL and the rest is another deposit into the vault. Check the dao multisig balances.

As our multichain push picks up, we need more bridge liquidity. Across has shown themselves to be a reliable and trustworthy bridge partner. 80k BAL in total does not present any kind of existential risk to the DAO. I am in full support.

I’d also support funding another bridge provider or two, as I think we will continue to need more liquidty here and it is good not to keep too many eggs in one basket. Multichain taught us this lesson.

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