[BIP-47] Balancer <> Across Protocol for Bridging Tokens Across Chains

I have my respect for Stargate because their solution is nice ! Across for the bold to show competitiveness
However, I have my bias toward Multichain too.
Firstly, Seem on OP 54% of USDC volume is from Multichain if you removed OP L2 Bridge.
Secondly, we consist of 40% of the whole bridge volume market shares
Optimism Bridge Activity: Layer 2 Is Only A Bridge Away :red_circle::sparkles: (dune.com)

Multichain bridge fee is always fixed and can be adjusted according to market conditions.
Unlike other protocols we have minimum and maximum bridge fee ($5-$1000) that won’t scale up to sky !!! and that why whales friends love us and vice versa.
Moving forward a rebalancing solution is on the way ! so frens on Balance don’t have to worry much.


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Would this in any way help qualify balancer for the ACX token airdrop ?

Guys I would like to get your feedback on an alternative solution besides Stargate and Across… O3 Swap, I would say use it and make your own judgements because it would be too easy for me to not say but show that we are the best (I could do one of 2 things which I just won’t a) cherry picking let’s say that I were to go from OP to ETH (in any form USDT/USDC/ ETH you name it) I can guarantee the best price taking out the OP bridge…
So again if it’s the best interest of the community that it’s in stake I would say for you guys to test several.
Also don’t consider just the possibility of loosing money… because there’s a chance of making money as well (at least with us) with arbitraging.